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Slip & Fall Injury Claims: Know what to do.

Slip and fall injuries. They happen all the time. You are going about your day and suddenly you are hurt. What should you do? What can you do? When individuals and businesses (or even the City) do not take proper care of their premises, wet and icy conditions can make slip and falls almost inevitable, even for those who try their best to tread lightly. The Calgary lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with a slip and fall injury claim but here is what you need to know. It is important to note that there are some very restricted limitation periods (reduced from the normal 2 years) on some slip and fall claims so it is important to talk to your lawyer soon after your fall.

Slip and Fall Injuries in Alberta

While the weather conditions in Alberta lend themselves to slip and fall injuries, they are not the only cause. We see slip and fall injuries associated with many situations. This is not an exhaustive list but the slip and fall injuries we see include:

  • Freshly mopped floors at a shopping mall
  • Wet floors in grocery store produce aisles
  • Icy build up on private property due to poor water drainage
  • Side walks that are not cleared
  • Uneven walkways or side walks
  • Stairways that are uneven or do not meet code

What to Do If You Got Hurt Due to a Slip and Fall

These types of injuries can happen anywhere though, inside and outside, and it is important that you know how to protect your legal rights. If you don’t, it could cause a number of issues later. Here are the things you will need to do after one of these types of accidents to make sure you have the help you need, both physically and legally.

Medical Attention for your Slip and Fall Injury

After a slip and fall injury, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you get medical help right away. You have to think of your health first, so take a trip to the doctor. Even if you do not feel any immediate injury, visit the doctor. You may not be able to detect internal injuries, and other injuries might appear days later. Having a record of going to the doctor right after the accident will work in your favor from a legal perspective.

Reporting the Injury After You have Fallen and are Hurt

You also need to report the incident to the owner of the premises. Sometimes this may happen at the time of the slip and fall injury. For example a manager comes over and helps you. Who do you report the incident to? This could be the landlord, the homeowner, or a store manager. When falling on any type of commercial property, as well as some types of residential properties, such as apartment complexes, the managers will likely want to take a report. If they do have a report, make sure you have a copy of that report. You should also take some photos of the location where it happened. Do this as soon as possible after the incident so the owners have not had the chance to make changes yet. It is also worth while writing down the conditions at the time (wet floor, uncleared sidewalk) and, if outside, the weather conditions (e.g. it had not snowed in three days)

However, when you are talking with the owner or manager, make sure you limit your conversation. You do not want to say anything that could damage your case, so keep any communication to a minimum. As with any type of accident, you need to collect certain types of information, such as names and contact details of those who witnessed the incidence. If there is a security camera, make sure you mention that the fall is on camera, and see if you can get a copy.

Getting Professional Legal Help For Slip and Fall Claims

While friends have good intentions with the advice they give, they may not know the law. One of the best things to do is to speak with a slip and fall lawyer as soon as you are able to do so. If you are unable to get the information from the witnesses, the report, or video, the attorney will have better luck. You can explain the incident to the slip and fall attorney and he or she will be able to let you know if you have a good case or not. The attorney may be able to help you to get damages you need for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. While some people look up on line information and try to do their own slip and fall research, they may not know where to start or how to proceed.

If you fell because of the negligence of someone else, then you need to take those responsible to court. Make sure you get in touch with a highly qualified lawyer in Alberta who is able to help you with your case. Check for experience, and check to see what the fees and costs will be, as well as how and when the attorney collects those fees.

While you do not want to have to sue someone, you do deserve compensation for the injuries you suffered because of their negligence. Never feel bad about seeking justice for what happened to you. After all, the goal of pursuing damages is to make you whole for your injury that you would not have had, if someone else had done what they were supposed to.

Kahane Law Slip and Fall Claim Lawyers in Calgary

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