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Wacky tenants sue landlord because of haunted house

Landlord Sued for Renting a Haunted House

When you get ready to move into a new home, you have quite a bit on your plate. You worry about the move and getting the power, cable, and other necessities up and running in the home. You want to have a nice and safe place to call home for you and your family. One of the things that few people think about is moving into a place that’s haunted though. Many people don’t believe in ghosts and spirits, but that’s not the case with everyone.

The Haunted Property

In 2012, Josue Chinchilla moved into a lovely rental home in Toms River, NJ with his fiancée, Michele Callan, along with her two children. They hoped it would be a nice place to live, but from the very first night on the property, they noticed that something was out of place. In fact, they felt as if they were not the only people living in the house.

They would notice the lights flickering at certain times, even though there was nothing wrong with the electricity. They would also hear strange sounds. The family even recorded some of those sounds, including voices that say “Let it burn”, which should be enough to send shivers up just about anyone’s spine. Then, things got worse as items started to move, including the blankets that were covering Chinchilla one night.

He says he could see and feel the blankets being removed, and that he could feel something invisible gripping his arm. Callan says that she saw a figure nearby. It was dark and shapeless, according to her.

The family had had enough with these visitations from entities that did not seem to be very friendly at all. The fled the house and checked into a hotel, and didn’t go back. They said that they believed their lives would be in danger if they continued to live at the house. They sued the landlord for their security deposit, which equated to $2,250.

However, the landlord says that he doesn’t believe it at all. Richard Lopez believes that they just didn’t want to pay the rent, so he countersued them for breaking their contract.

The family has a number of people who claim to be well-versed in the paranormal field on their side, including the Shore Paranormal Research Society, which says that they have found paranormal activity. A member of another investigative group, NJ Paranormal Investigators, says that it is more than just paranormal activity, and that it is an active haunting in the house. She also says that it was possible to communicate with the entities in the house. Even the family’s pastor weighed in on the situation and said that he believed there was a demonic presence or possession involved with the home.

The truth of the matter might depend on where you stand when it comes to haunted houses, ghosts, and demons. When things seem strange, it might be a good time to investigate it on your own to debunk it or call in Scooby and the gang or the Winchester brothers to handle matters!