DUI on a Horse: It Is a Real Thing

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DUI on a Horse?

There are a lot of weird legal cases and arrests that happen, and sometimes, you have to wonder if they are actually true. This might be one of those times, but you can rest assured that this does happen. It is possible to get a DUI on a horse depending on the laws where you live, and in the United States, land of the cowboys, this seems to be more of a problem than you might imagine. In fact, you probably never imagined that someone would get a DUI while riding a horse. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more recent horse DUIs.

Florida Woman Arrested on Horse

First, let’s visit Florida, one of the world locations that seems to always be good for a strange story. In 2017, a woman in Polk County was arrested for driving drunk while on the back of a horse. The woman, Donna Byrne, 53, was pulled over by deputies while she was on a busy road in the middle of the afternoon.

The deputies detained her and had her get off the horse. When her breath alcohol level was tested, it was determined that she was at more than twice what the legal limit is in Florida. She was putting herself in danger, her horse in danger, and everyone who was on the roadway with her in danger. This was not the first time that she had been arrested either. She had been arrested previously on five felony charges, and 10 misdemeanors.

Drunk SoCal Man Rides Horse on Freeway

Not to be outdone by Florida, a California man named Luis Perez decided that he would get drunk and ride his horse on the 91 freeway. The 29-year-old took the horse along the highway and went to the town of Bellflower, where he was finally arrested by the police. He failed his field sobriety test, and he was also at more than twice the legal limit.

The horses in both of these incidents were unharmed. However, they might want to try to see if they can find some riders that have a bit more common sense.

As you can see, horse DUI is not an isolated incident in the United States, and it is likely that this type of arrest is going to happen again in the future. One man in Kentucky was arrested on his horse when a deputy found him drunk on a trail. The Kentuckian also had more beer in his saddlebags, some moonshine, and some marijuana with him. There have also been incidents of people in a horse and buggy being pulled over.

It is hard to imagine exactly what is going through the minds not only of the people who do this, but also the police officers who have to pull them over and deal with a horse. No DUI is ever funny, as they can be deadly no matter your mode of transportation. However, sometimes a DUI can just be weird.