Man Claims to Have Killed the Terminator

This Week's Wacky Wednesday: Man Claims to Have Killed the Terminator

This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Man Claims to Have Killed the Terminator

Meth is a hell of a drug and it’s a major problem in just about every major city in North America. Even if you are lucky enough that you don’t see the problem firsthand as you traverse your hometown, the problem is there. It causes spikes in crime, including theft and violent crimes. The 2020 case of William Dennis Bradley, 54, is just one of the many meth stories that happen in the country with alarming frequency.

The Man Coated in Blood

Police were called to the Jefferson School Apartments in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 10. These apartments are located near the downtown area, and the property manager discovered that someone had stolen a golf cart from the complex. The police came to find and arrest the thief and they discovered that it was Bradley who had taken the cart.

However, when they saw him, the theft of the cart took an immediate backseat. Bradley was covered in blood and when the police questioned him, he said that he had been in a fight with a terminator and had killed him.

The delusion and belief that he had fought a terminator could be attributed to the drug use and the fact that he probably hadn’t slept in quite some time. Meth keeps people awake for long, unhealthy periods. A terminator, for those who don’t know, is a reference to the sci-fi franchise about killer robots that travel back in time.

Regular society knows that these robots don’t exist, but that doesn’t stop someone who is high from meth from starting to conceive and believe these types of delusions. It’s these things that can cause someone to become highly dangerous.

Discovery of the Body

Bradley, it turns out, lived at this apartment complex. When the police went to check the apartment, they found the body of the man that had been killed—58-year-old Robert Carter. The authorities said that Bradley did not use any weapons when he killed Carter, a homeless man. He beat the poor man to death.

Further investigation found that the men did not know one another. It wasn’t clear how the man came to be in Bradley’s apartment

Bradley was taken to the hospital for treatment of his own injuries. He had some minor abrasions. While he was at the hospital, though, he assaulted a police officer, two security guards, and an ER doctor. Bradley has to be sedated because of his violent behavior.

The doctors believed that Bradley hadn’t slept in days because he was using methamphetamine. When he was later questioned by the police, he was unable to stay awake. He ended up being charged with murder, vehicle theft, and five counts of assault.

Methamphetamine Psychosis

Just because the murderer thought the person was a “terminator” doesn’t mean that we’re laughing at these people who have an addiction. It’s a major problem and it’s one that should be recognized and understood. Methamphetamine psychosis is more common than you might realize. A study from 2018 found that about 36.5% of meth users developed psychosis. This means that they become paranoid and have hallucinations. They feel that someone is out to get them, and they can react violently. These people often develop strange beliefs, thus the terminator in this case. They believe that others are conspiring against them, and they may have itchy skin that feels like bugs are crawling on them or that they are under the skin.

These types of crimes, along with lesser crimes, are going to continue. Those with an addiction to methamphetamines need help.