Man Sues Over Destruction of Collection of Pornography

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Man Sues Over Destruction of Collection of Pornography

People like to collect all sorts of different things. Some people are coin collectors and others like stamps or comic books. Some people collect old films or posters, motorcycles, muscle cars, music, and more. Most people have something that they enjoy collecting. A man from Indiana happened to be a connoisseur of the carnal, an admirer of anatomy, a procurer of pornography, if you will. Unfortunately for the collector, in this case, something terrible happened to his belongings.

Lawsuit Over Destruction

He recently filed a lawsuit in federal court in Michigan. The man moved to Indiana after having lived with his parents for 10 months after he got a divorce. He said that instead of paying rent to his parents, he helped out around the house. The man said his parents later delivered his possessions to him in Indiana. However, some of his items were missing. When he asked his parents about this, they said that the items had been destroyed.

An email from his father was added to the lawsuit, and the father does admit to destroying some of the belongings. His father said that he did not have the pornography and that it is gone. He went on to say that it had been disposed of or destroyed, and that includes “sex toys and smutty magazines.” His father also said that it took him a long time to “destroy 12 boxes of pornography and two boxes of sex toys.” He also said in the email that he had done his son a favor.

The man was unable to come to any sort of resolution with his parents, and he then filed a police report. After all, regardless of the belongings, which were legal, his parents did destroy them. He alleged that the value of the collection would be somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000 when he factored in his attachment to the items.

The man’s mother said that they had asked their son not to bring any of those materials into their home because his father had issues with it. His parents kicked him out of the house due to a domestic incident, she said. This prompted the move to Indiana.

The prosecutor did not press charges, so the man wrote an email to his father, saying that he would have gone elsewhere if there was a problem. He also accused his father of being vindictive. The father responded saying that he had done it for his son’s mental and emotional health. The man again tried to get the prosecutors to file charges and again they declined.

This caused the man to go ahead and to file his lawsuit. He is seeking $86,822.16 in damages and attorney fees. While there is some humor to the story simply because of the nature of the belongings that were destroyed, there is also a lot to unpack and consider. The parents did destroy property that belonged to their adult son, but he was living with them at the time and not paying rent. It will be interesting to see how the case unfolds.

One thing appears unfortunately certain, though, and that it is that this family is not likely to be getting together for any happy reunions at any point in the near future. They have a lot to work out, and it does not seem like that will happen. It is also uncertain if the porn collection may have had anything to do with the man’s divorce or not. Perhaps his father was right and the man does have an unhealthy attachment to pornography.