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This Weeks Wacky Wednesday Men Arrested for Bag Full of Drugs Labelled Bag Full of Drugs

Men Arrested for Bag Full of Drugs Labelled Bag Full of Drugs

If the title seems confusing at first, it will make more sense soon. Of course, right after it makes sense, you’ll wonder just why these two Florida men thought it was a good idea. Here’s what happened on Interstate 10 in Pensacola on a late Saturday afternoon in early 2020.

A Bag Mistake

Two men were pulled over because they were speeding. Not only were they speeding, but they were going 95 miles per hour. Speeding is dangerous and illegal, and you would think if you were doing something else illegal, you might not speed because it could get unwanted attention. The geniuses in the car did not seem to care, or maybe they did not realize just how fast they were going.

The state trooper pulled them over and soon found that the passenger, Joshua Michael Reinhardt had a warrant for his arrest from Orange County. Not only that, but he found something else when he pulled them over. As you’ve probably gleaned from the title, the trooper found a bag inside of their vehicle that was labeled with the words “Bag Full of Drugs” on the outside.

At first, you might think that this is a brilliant strategy. Surely, no one dumb enough to haul around a big bag full of drugs would label the bag as bag full of drugs. Unless, it was a genius tactic, and if we know anything about these speed demons, they are geniuses. So, if you were a cop, you would likely think that the label was done for a laugh, just a big joke, and you wouldn’t look in the bag, right? So, maybe it would be the perfect place to hide drugs.

Of course, the world doesn’t work by cartoon logic (in most cases), so the trooper did his duty and looked inside the bag. You’ll never guess what they found inside of the bag. That’s right, it was full of drugs. Who could’ve seen that coming?

Backup was called, including Prince, a K-9 cop who is a very good boy. Prince alerted that there were drugs in the car, and law enforcement ended up finding a lot of drugs. There were 75 grams of methamphetamine, 1.36 kilos of the sedative GHB, a gram of cocaine, 15 MDMA tablets, 3.6 grams of fentanyl, and a bunch of drug paraphernalia.

Ian Christian Simmons and Reinhardt were arrested and charged with two counts apiece for drug trafficking and possession, as well as for possession of drug equipment. They were jailed without a chance for a bond.

A Dangerous Situation

Although there is an element of humor in this case, it’s also quite serious. Meth is a huge problem in the United States, and fentanyl is extremely dangerous. The police are no longer allowed to touch drugs when they are found because even touching fentanyl could cause serious health problems. When the trooper found the bag and suspected drugs, he had to call for backup and to have the drugs properly taken care of and handled by the lab.

Still, you have to wonder just what the criminals were thinking in this case. Why would they label the bag other than as a joke? Surely, they wouldn’t believe that it would throw law enforcement off their trail. Perhaps it was their own inside joke. You also have to wonder why they were going so fast. It’s one of the fastest ways, pun intended, to draw the attention of a cop. Fortunately, they are off the streets and so are the drugs they were peddling.