Mother and Daughter Arrested in Los Angeles for Murder

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Mother and Daughter Arrested in Los Angeles for Murder

Los Angeles is a city of fakery and fiction from the films that are made to the people who make them. The city is a popular spot for plastic surgery because people want to change their bodies to meet what they feel is ideal for their career, their status, or whatever the next venture in their lives might be.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with plastic surgery. It can help people to feel better about themselves and how they look, and that’s a great thing. However, it can also lead to some major problems, particularly when some of the people who are offering to perform these procedures are as fake as so much else throughout the city.

The Death of Karissa Rajpaul

Karissa Rajpaul moved to California from South Africa with stars in her eyes. She wanted to work in the entertainment industry as an actress. Not long after she arrived, she sought out plastic surgery, as so many in the field end up doing. However, she underwent an illegal procedure that never should have been performed.

She wanted to get a procedure that involved the injection of liquid silicone into the buttocks, which helps to give it a fuller appearance. However, there are dangers to this type of procedure, since uncontained silicone in the body can leak into the bloodstream and cause embolisms and death.

Rajpaul was active on social media and posted a video of the augmentation online. She trusted that the procedure was being performed properly and had no idea the danger she was in at the time. She went to get her procedure on October 15, 2019.

The Los Angeles duo who performed the surgery were Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Galaz. Neither of these people is a medical professional in any sense of the word. They have no medical training, and they put peoples’ lives at risk with the procedures they performed. They have been practicing off the grid for years and have never been caught.

After Adame and Galaz injected Rajpaul, the young woman started to have complications. They called 911 and then fled the scene. They left the girl to die. When the authorities arrived, they took her to the hospital, where she died in the emergency room. The physicians that treated her had no idea about the silicone injections, so the proper protocols that may have saved her life were not used.

There Could Be More Victims

People were going to the mother and daughter because they find it to be a cheaper and easier way of getting cosmetic procedures. Many of these people likely had no idea that they were taking their lives into their own hands when they did.

They have subsequently been charged with murder in Rajpaul’s death and arrested on August 5. Adame was released on a $1 million bond on August 6, while Galaz was released on August 7.

Thus far, the investigators have found that the mother and daughter were often using substances that were in use by cosmetic professionals. However, they would often combine them with other dangerous chemicals. The mixture of the chemicals should not have been used for medical procedures, as they were highly dangerous.

Investigators believe that there could be potentially hundreds of other victims who have suffered at the hands of Galaz. Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said that they “took people’s cash, and we know in a couple of incidences it resulted in murder.” They are looking into victims that might not have survived the procedure, and others who may have been unwitting victims of the grisly duo.