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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Murderer Says YouTube Videos Made Him Kill

This is a strange and sad case that is still evolving at the time of this writing. In June of 2019, a Florida man by the name of Colby Glen Larue, 22, said that the videos he was watching on YouTube were making him paranoid. He was worried that his mother was going to be attacked by a stranger. It turns out that it was not a stranger that did his mother harm.

Paranoia Escalates

Larue told investigators that when he was watching videos, the worries about his mother being raped or harmed in some other fashion were on his mind. To help calm himself and to protect his mother, he says that he grabbed a shotgun, which did not work, and then got a handgun and started to pace on the ground floor of the home where he lived. The sound brought his mother, Angela Limbaugh, downstairs. It was at that point that Larue allegedly shot her and her dog, killing them.

Larue said that he killed his mother in order to protect her from people who were going to come and hurt her. His odd behavior continued, as he lit his mattress on fire and then took a boat that was in the backyard across the lake to a bonfire that was occurring at another property. The family at the bonfire told him that he had to leave, and one of the residents even threatened him with a golf club.

When interviewed, a resident of a nearby home named Corey Ball said that it was like something out of a horror movie when Larue showed up around midnight. Ball said that he was outside at the time and he saw Larue near the end of his truck. He said Larue was walking slowly and that it reminded Ball of Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. Ball said Larue, who he did not know, looked suspicious. When asked what he was doing there, Larue told the people that he didn’t know and was just trying to figure out his life. Ball told Larue to leave, which he did without incident.

At that point, Larue took off into an area he said was full of woods and found a homeless man who was wearing an eyepatch. He asked the man for a shirt and then went to the district attorney’s office and surrendered to deputies. While this was happening, firefighters had gone to his home to put out the fire that had been reported. They found his mother’s body and the body of the dog inside the home. Larue was arrested and charged with homicide and first-degree arson of a dwelling.

What Will Happen to Larue?

It is currently unknown exactly why the man truly killed his mother, although there are many who speculate that mental health is likely a factor in the case. It is also not known whether videos the man was watching, or at least claims he was watching, on YouTube factored into his actions.

There will likely be quite a bit more information that needs to be learned as the attorneys on both sides start to dig into the case. They will likely be trying to find out more about Larue’s mental health, his relationship with his mother, and similar elements.

It will likely still be some time before further information comes out in this case, but it is one out of Florida that is certainly worth watching to learn more about what might have led to the tragedy. We can, however, be relatively sure that Larue will not be getting out of jail anytime soon.