Third Planet Bombarded Projectiles

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Third Planet Bombarded Projectiles

Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore is located in Houston, Texas right near a hotel, Crowne Plaza River Oaks. While you would hope that these two neighboring businesses would be able to get along with each other, the visitors to the hotel had a different idea.

Third Planet is a popular store in the Houston area, where it’s stood for 46 years. Over the course of years, the lowbrow “super villains” that would visit the hotel had the bright idea to throw heavy items down onto the roof of the comic book store. They would throw everything from dishes to fire extinguishers onto the roof. In total, there have been 14 fire extinguishers thrown from balconies in the hotel onto their roof. They also have cigarette butts thrown down onto the roof. On two occasions, this caused fires.

Naturally, the near-constant assault has left the roof of the comic book store in terrible condition. It has been damaged enough that it leaks. It’s strange to think that people find it funny or fun to cause this type of property damage. In some cases, such as cigarette butts, people might simply not be thinking when they toss them. However, there’s not much of an excuse available for throwing dishes, fire extinguishers, and who knows what else down onto the neighboring roof.

The Comic Book

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill argument between business owners. Third Planet and their attorneys decided to commission a 24-page comic book from Bad Cog Studios that detailed what had happened to their roof.

This comic was included as a literal illustrative example of what was happening in the lawsuit they filed. They essentially filed their suit in comic form. The comic is in full color, and it shows the staff at the store trying to keep their property safe from all of the items that are thrown their way.

This is the first time a comic has been used in this way. Even though it might not be the conventional way to file a lawsuit, it’s not against the law. Doing it this way has helped Third Planet to gain attention to their plight, as well. Why haven’t more lawsuits been filed using these types of creative methods? Well, there’s something of a risk in taking this route when filing. Sometimes, the judge will appreciate the creativity. However, not all judges will be amused by it.

In this particular case, though, they are on their third amended petition. The legal process is already underway, and they know who the judge is on the case.

The store decided that they would also sell copies of the comic. It’s one way to try to make the best of a bad situation.

Is the Hotel Responsible for What Guests Do?

Third Planet wants to have its roof fixed and for it to remain safe. However, how much responsibility does the hotel bear? Hotels are often sued because of things their guests do.

In Harris County, the same county where this is taking place, the county sued a hotel because it did nothing to stop the criminal activity of guests. In January of 2020, a hotel in San Antonio was sued when a guest threw a ketchup bottle from a balcony down onto the RiverWalk. The bottle hit a toddler and injured him.

While hotels have been held responsible in the past, it’s still early in this case to determine what will happen and whether the hotel will be found at fault. The hotel will have to present their side, and then the court will decide what will happen.