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This Weeks Wacky Wednesday Wisconsin’s Elusive Meth Ninja Gets Arrested

Little did a staffer working at Shawano Country Library know that the backpack they found and turned over to the police would lead to the arrest of a man who must be the Meth Ninja of Wisconsin. The backpack included three bags of meth along with a set of “nunchucks”, or nunchaku, the favored weapon of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle known as Michelangelo. The bag was brought to the police station since it had these illegal materials in it.

The police did not have to do much investigating to find out who the bag belonged to, fortunately. No, it did not have the name of the owner on the bag or on any of the belongings, and no, it did not belong to Michelangelo. They were able to apprehend the Meth Ninja because he found out where his backpack was and decided to retrieve it from the police. That’s right, he willingly walked into the police station, indicated he had left the bag in the library and claimed it as his own.

Of course, he was arrested as soon as he made the claim. Because of the meth.

What’s His Story?

Joel Mullin-Romo, 31, claims that he is innocent. Sort of. He says that he was investigating his ex-girlfriend who he claims is a drug dealer, as well as a prostitute, and that she tried to have him killed. He also says that the nunchaku was for self-defense. After all, he claims that she did try to have him killed. He also says that he had reported all of his ex’s illicit activities to the Green Bay Police Department, but they did not do their job.

He said that he took her phone because he thought there was information on the phone that could implicate her in committing murder by contaminating a needle. He claims that his mother took him to the library, so he could use the library’s WiFi as a way to unlock the phone and get that information.

When asked why he did not contact the police department about the problems he claims, he said that he had to conduct his own investigation.

The police were astonished that someone actually came into the station to claim the bag, and they believed that it was just because he wanted to get his meth back. While this is likely the case, maybe the police do want to interview this mysterious ex, who must be Meth Ninja’s arch enemy.

Of course, when you start to delve deeper into his past, you see that maybe he’s not the heroic investigator that he claims. It turns out that he was arrested all the way back in 2008 for breaking into a property that was owned by Noah Herron, who used to be a running back for the Green Bay Packers. During that break-in, Meth Ninja and his partner in crime bit off more than they could chew. Herron took the bedpost from his bed and hit one of the men when they entered his bedroom.

Mullin-Romo was arrested for the break-in and he served 3.5 years in prison. He was still on probation when he was arrested for the meth.

In All Seriousness

Meth is a huge problem, and it causes people to do terrible, stupid things. It can cause issues with their mind and their body, and those who are hooked on the drug need some serious help. They need to find a way to get off the drug and a reason to stay away from it.