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Woman Sues College Because She Can’t Find a Job?!

Unemployment is no laughing matter, and it is something that people in Canada, the United States, and many other countries around the world face regularly. There is the commonly provided advice of working hard and getting a college education to make sure that that you can get a job in the future that just about everyone hears. However, that’s not necessarily possible for everyone no matter how good of an education they might have. For a long time, it was just par for the course and people couldn’t really do anything about it.

Suing the School

However, in 2009, a resident of New York named Trina Thompson decided that she was going to do something. She decided that she was going to sue her alma mater, Monroe College, which is located in the Bronx. After she received her Information Technology degree earlier that year, she was unable to find any work in her field.

Thompson decided that she would sue for a refund of her tuition, which was $70,000. She also wanted an additional $2,000 to deal with the stress for not being able to find a job over the course of the three months that she had been looking.

She said that the college, which said it helps graduates find jobs in their field, had not been doing enough to help her with her job search. She said that she was not getting proper job leads, and that they had not provided the career advice that they had initially promised. The school does promise to help their graduates find jobs. They said that they “have many resources available for students at any stage of their college career, and even after graduation.”

Representatives from Monroe said that the lawsuit did not have merit and that they pride themselves on the career development support that they offer.

Was She Right to Sue the School?

When this case was developing, there were people who could see the point Thompson was making, as well as the point of the school. It is important to remember that much of the world, particularly the United States where Thompson was located, was in the midst of a recession. There were many people who were out of work and looking for jobs that weren’t there. She was certainly not the only person at this time who was having trouble finding work.

However, the school did make a promise to help students find jobs, and when they were unable to keep that promise, Thompson called them out on the matter in the form of a lawsuit. Still, there are others who believe that Thompson could have done more to find work on her own, and that waiting and looking for work for only a few months was simply not enough time to see if she could find a job. It takes many people much longer than that to find a job that is in their field, and some are never that lucky.