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Wacky Lawsuits: Chunky Vs. Smooth

You asked. We Listened. People wanted a series of the funnier side of the law. Fortunately, most of our Wacky Lawsuit Wednesday comes from south of the boarder but Canadians have their moments too.

The Weird & Wacky Lawsuits Edition 1

This is the first of our segments of wacky lawsuits. We thought we would start with a lawsuit that is not only funny, but involves everyone’s (except those allergic of course)childhood favourite lunch item: peanut butter. How does peanut butter work its way into a lawsuit? Read on.

The peanut butter caper

Who did the suing: Kenneth Parker

Who was sued: The Nevada State Prison

The Wacky Lawsuit: Chunky vs Smooth

Kennith Parker was an inmate of the Nevada State Prison. He was in prison for robbery. His sentence handed down at his criminal trial was for 15 years. During that time he must have developed a taste for the law. It is not clear if Mr. Parker hired a lawyer to represent him in this litigation. The Nevada State Prison has a canteen for inmates to buy, amongst other things, food items. The canteen normally sold both chunky and smooth varieties of peanut butter. The cost of the peanut butter to the convicted criminals was $5.

On one particular day, the canteen only had one chunky peanut butter jar left. In an attempt to be accommodating, they substituted a jar of chunky peanut butter with a jar of smooth peanut butter. Mr. Parker then sued the Nevada State Prison for emotional and mental pain caused by this substitution. He sued for damage of $5,500. In this wacky lawsuit he also asked for the imprisonment of one of the prison officials.

The Verdict In This Litigation:

The court ruled to dismiss Mr. Parker’s claim. The unfortunate thing was that it took 2 years for the lawsuit to be dismissed. While everyone has the right to be heard by the courts, it seems that people who are in prison have more time than others to spend working on those opportunities.

Want More of Crazy Law?

If you like this wacky lawsuit you may like another lawsuit involving Kennith Parker. In this one Kennith Parker sued Nevada State Prison Officer, Gary Hill, for violating his right to privacy.

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