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Pastor sues city after protesting demon mascot.

Pastor in Georgia Sues a Demon

While this might not exactly be like a scene out of The Exorcist… well, it’s nothing like a scene from The Exorcist – but a pastor in Georgia in 2011 did decide that he would do battle with a demon. Of course, the demon in question is actually just the mascot for Warner Robins High School. So, what was it that set the pastor after the demon?

What Happened?

In 2010, Pastor Donald Crosby of God’s Kingdom Builder’s Church of Jesus Christ, decided that he would protest with picket signs in front of Warner Robins High School, the “Home of the Demons”. He, along with a number of other members of his church, believed that by having a demon mascot, the school was sending the wrong message to the students. His own son was going to become a freshman and would be going to the school, and he decided to take action. He told station 12WMAZ that “Hundreds of children gather into one place at one time chanting Go Demons. It’s the equivalent of us gathering into a church on Sunday morning and shouting Go Jesus or Hallelujah Jesus.” He went on to say that, “A demon never has a good connotation. Never.”

He started to collect signatures of other people who were offended and then, along with 20 other members of the church, protested outside of the school on the first day of class. He was arrested for protesting though, as he did not have a permit to picket. After he was out of jail, he got the proper permit and protested again. Again, he was arrested, even though he did have the right paperwork.

Crosby later decided to file a lawsuit against the city of Warner Robbins, as well as two police officers. He said that he was fearful after the situation and that he and his family had to move away because they were afraid of harassment and damage to his reputation. In the lawsuit, Crosby claims that he was falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned, and that he was the victim of malicious prosecution, battery, and harassment. He is also suing for the right to continue his protests against the demon mascot.

On the other side of the fence, the attorney for the city of Warner Robbins said that the city had the right to regulate protests as a means to regulate the public order. The attorney also said that the police officers were in their right to bring Crosby to jail when he was arrested.

The majority of the community believes that the city is within their rights and that the mascot should stay. The principal went on to say that the mascot was created during the WWII era for the 7th fighter squadron that began at Robins Air Force Base. They were called the Screamin’ Demons. Crosby, however, doesn’t believe this, as he says their mascot doesn’t appear as though it has anything to do with the military.