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Claim In Court: Deport Me To Heaven For Not Paying Child Support

Deport Me to Heaven

Every once in a while a case comes along that has some elements to it that seem so absurd you might think they were pulled from a sitcom. That’s exactly how a courtroom in Alaska felt recently.

The Road to Heaven Is Paved With Unpaid Child Support

People often grasp at straws when they are trying to get out of trouble, and sometimes the straws seem to be rather silly. Kevin Francis Ramey was indicted on criminal charges for not paying child support. The man claims that he’s not required to follow federal laws or state laws since he is a sovereign citizen. Reportedly, he has more than $84,000 in back child support payments.

The former town councilman of Togiak was arrested and brought to Dillingham to appear in court. According to the US federal law, if the charges for nonpayment of support are more than $20,000, or if payments had not been made in two years, it becomes a felony rather than a misdemeanor.

In Court The Story Continues…

When he was in the courtroom, the judge asked him if he understood his rights. It was Ramey’s response that caused the courtroom to laugh so hard. He said, “I know I have three citizenships, number one, in heaven, number two in America, and number three in California, and that my primary citizenship is, of course, heaven. So, I was kind of wondering, are you guys going to deport me to heaven?”

While some might have wanted to deport him to heaven for his nonpayment, the judge decided that there would not be any deportation proceedings. As an alternative, they set his bond at $1,000. The judge also said that Ramey needed to agree to a third party custodian as a condition of his release.

This wasn’t something that Ramey just came up with on the fly it seems. He is the head of a group of sovereign citizens known as the Sui Juris Court Angels. He claims this is a civil rights group. Ramey claims that the government does not have the authority to charge him.

Bad Choices Make Things worse

It appears that Ramey will be facing those felony charges despite the fact that he believes the government should not charge him. Not even heaven can help him now.

Dealing With “Sovereign Citizens”

Sovereign citizens, freemen on the land or anyone who claims to not be a citizen of a country so the can do what they want and try to avoid being held accountable, should be held accountable. Perhaps this case suggests a good idea. If sovereign, then deporting these people may be a good idea. Although, instead of being deported to heaven, maybe counties that do not respect human rights as much as Canada and the United States would develop a sense of appreciation for what they have/had.

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