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Don’t Like Accountability? Sue…

Rebuilding Love With A Lawsuit

Our neighbor to the south has a serious homeless problem with estimates that nearly 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year. It’s an issue that needs addressing, but sometimes it results in some strange lawsuits. Let’s examine one such suit from New York City.

Why Did He Try to Sue?

A man from Brooklyn, Bernard Anderson Bey, filed a lawsuit against his parents to the tune of $200,000 claiming that they left him homeless and raised him in a poor home that did not include enough love. He also claims that they did not give him enough support, and that’s the reason he’s homeless. The lawsuit gets even stranger. He claims that the entire family is extremely poor and that his father doesn’t care, causing him to feel abandoned. He wants his parents to mortgage their home, located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, so they can buy … two Domino’s Pizza franchises.

In addition, the suit claims that his father berated and beat him as a child, and that his father took drugs in front of him. His father says that his son is not entitled to anything, and Bey actually agrees, strangely enough. He says that his father, who is actually his stepfather, might “find pleasure in seeing his children become successful.” His mother actually says that she is frightened of her son and worries about what he might do. She believes that he’s old enough (he’s 32 years old) to make his own way in the world.

All In The Family

Bey went on to say that his younger brothers and sisters (of which there are five) are all on public assistance. He believes that this is because of their parents neglecting them when they were growing up. However, his sister says that her brother is crazy, as well as a liar. She claims she’s not on public assistance, and that the “parents were not terrible.” She went on to say that he’s responsible for the life he currently leads.

Bey admits that he’s had problems in the past, including arrests on drug charges. He also says that he’s been trying to turn his life around and is going to a trade school specializing in the automotive field. Of course, he also says that he’s the head of a record label as well as a publishing firm.

These Suits Are More Common than Some Think

This is certainly not an isolated case. Others in their 20s and 30s have sued their parents before. The Miner siblings actually sued their mother in 2011 because they claim she caused them emotional distress. The court decided to toss out that particular case.

Even though there are many good reasons to sue someone, it doesn’t seem as though this suit went anywhere. Most feel that Bey should simply focus on improving his own life rather than trying to sue his parents to make them sell their home in the hopes of buying pizza franchises. Everyone goes through problems in life, and suing someone is not always the only solution that’s available.

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