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Man sues because he believe several organizations are involved in mind control

Do Wal-Mart and Microsoft Conduct Mind Control Experiments?

In 2008, a man in Nanaimo named Jerry Rose sued Wal-Mart, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Telus, Microsoft, the University of B.C. and the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons for $2 billion because he believes that they have been involved in Satanism, witchcraft, and mind control.

While people often have problems with the defendants that have been named in this case for one reason or another, the reasons alleged by Rose are not usually among them. Usually, it’s because of an error in the operating system or because the store’s out of the dip that you like, not mind control and Satanism.

Case Not Immediately Thrown Out

In his claim, he said that, “he has been subject to invasive brain computer interface technology, research, experiments, field studies and surgery.” He also says that the abuse was continuing and that the RCMP would use brain drain tech on him. The $2 billion would be because computer technology he claims he invented was stolen. He didn’t just want money though. The lawsuit also demanded a red Ferrari, black Lamborghini, two Harley Davidson motorcycles, two dirt bikes, and a black Dodge pickup.

The lawyers for the defendants called the lawsuit bizarre and outrageous, and they believed that it should have been dismissed immediately.

It certainly does sound strange, and most people would believe that these were the ravings of a conspiracy theorist who might need to be examined by a psychiatrist. However, not everyone believed that way. It appears luck was on Rose’s side when Judge Fraser Wilson oversaw the case. While he believed that it was a very odd and unusual case, he also felt that everything alleged in the case could be litigated.

The judge cited experiments by the CIA that were conducted in Montreal in the 50s and 60s, which were designed with mind control qualities about them. This didn’t necessarily mean that he believed that the case would lead to uncovering some bizarre mind control conspiracies out there, simply that he felt Rose deserved to have his case heard.

And Then It’s Thrown Out

Although the judge initially decided that he would hear the case, things changed. He eventually ruled that the allegations were “wild speculation” and that there was no way that Rose could win the case. There wasn’t any proof, and it does seem outrageous when you stop to think about it. Of course, there are probably some conspiracy theorists reading this right now that think the “powers that be” got to the judge and had him dismiss the case. We know that’s not very likely though.

There will always be strange cases that come before the court systems, and in many cases, they never go anywhere because they are merely frivolous and would end up wasting time and money. It seems that this is certainly the case here. Of course, if there were a large company that would be involved in mind control, you would have to imagine that the likes of Microsoft and Wal-Mart do seem like some rather good candidates!