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Shoe Causes 100 Year Sentence For Beating? So Claims Pimp.

More Warning Labels Needed For Shoes

You read that title correctly, strange as it might sound. Here’s a very interesting case out of Portland, OR in the United States. Now, everyone knows Nike as being one of the most popular brands in the world. They are instantly recognizable by their iconic “swish” logo, and many people even collect the shoes. Many people have probably also heard the phrase “pimpin’ ain’t easy”, made famous by Big Daddy Kane. When these two worlds collide – Nike and pimpin’ – things are bound to go wrong, and that’s just what happened in Portland in June of 2014.

The Facts: What Happened?

A Portland pimp named Sirgiorgio Clardy sued Nike after receiving a sentence of 100 years in prison for beating a john with his Nike shoes. In his suit, he claims that Nike should have places a warning label on the shoes to let buyers know that they could be used as a dangerous weapon. He believes that it’s Nike’s fault that he beat a man, as well as a prostitute, and he’s decided that he will sue them for $100 million.

The pimp didn’t want anyone to cheat him, and when a john refused to pay a prostitute for services rendered, he decided that his only alternative was to beat the man and stomp him in the face repeatedly. It’s not exactly a sound business tactic. He beat the man so severely that he required a number of stitches as well as plastic surgery. Not only did this prime example of inhumanity beat the john, but he also beat an 18-year-old prostitute so badly that the poor young woman was bleeding from her ears.

How The Court Dealt With A Shoe Beater

In order to ensure Clardy received the maximum possible sentence, the jury declared him to be a dangerous offender, and they declared that his shoes were dangerous weapons. It was this declaration that set the pimp off and made him decide that he wanted to file his lawsuit. According to reports, he wrote a three-page complaint against the shoe company while he was at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution.

He was sentenced to 100 years in prison. Whether he is looking for an easy payday while behind bars – not that he would get much of a chance to spend his money – or he actually believes that Nike should label their shoes as being potentially dangerous is unknown. The only thing that most can agree on is that a suit of this nature is not likely to get very far.

How The Court Dealt With The Lawsuit Against Nike Shoes

In fact, in October of 2014, the judge who was overseeing the case, Judge Robert Durham, listened to Clardy ramble on for about 23 minutes before stopping him and telling him that he’d heard enough and to be quiet. He then dismissed the lawsuit.

People will often go to great lengths in an effort to blame others for their actions, and it’s not likely that it will change anytime soon. Fortunately, the courts have been good about judging with common sense in the majority of cases.

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