The ol'

The ol’ “It was for the snakes, Officer” Defence.

Some of the Strangest Court Cases You Will Ever Read

The world is full of some strange lawsuits, and it’s always interesting to read up on them to see that weirdness and wackiness are still prevalent in the world. Let’s look at some of the strangest cases to have ever seen the light of day.

The Belly Dancer and Her Snakes

What do you do if you have to run inside to the store and you have to keep the engine running to keep your pets inside nice and warm in the cool weather? Well, most people would simply leave their animals at home. Of course, if you are a belly dancer, your pets are snakes that you use in your act, and you don’t want them to fall asleep in a cold car, you have to leave the engine running.

A belly dancer used this excuse to help get out of paying a parking fine, and the court actually agreed with her. She did not have to pay her fine, and the snakes were nice and happy.

When a Bear Steals Your Honey

Imagine you are a beekeeper in Macedonia, and you have a number of hives that you rely on to provide honey so you can make money. Then, a bear comes along and decides to have his way with the hives. One Macedonian beekeeper had this problem. He tried to get rid of the bear using sounds and lights, but the bear was determined. Of course, the only option left was to bring a lawsuit against the bear.

The court awarded the beekeeper for damage to the hives. Of course, the bear never came to court (perhaps he couldn’t find a suit that fit right) and couldn’t pay the fine … because it was a bear. Instead, the government of Macedonia ended up paying the keeper for the hives.

Suing the Cable Company

Let’s be honest, cable companies have a bad reputation for a reason. However, is suing the cable company because your family is becoming overweight and lazy a reasonable idea? That’s what one man in Wisconsin tried, claiming that the television was having a negative effect on his family.

While he initially requested money from the cable company, he later said that he would be fine with “three computers and a lifetime of Internet”. The cable company didn’t agree, and eventually the man dropped his attempt to sue the company. Perhaps he should have tried turning the television off, or just getting rid of cable if it was causing that much of a problem.

These are just three of the oddest cases that have gone to court, or have at least been attempted. It seems as though each year, new cases come along and trump the previous ones and it is certainly interesting to follow when they do happen. Sometimes, they don’t turn out as you would expect. Some recent examples include a man who wanted to be deported to heaven, a teacher suing her students because they created a hostile work environment for her, and activists trying to get animals to have human rights.

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