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What Do Some People Do When Someone Steals Their God Like Powers… SUE.

Thou Shall Not Steal Another Man’s Godly Powers

Chances are good that you’ve never heard of Christopher Roller. However, this name is enough to elicit some laughs, groans, and anger among those who are a part of the world’s stage and street magician community. This man has sued a number of magicians for… wait for it”¦ stealing his godly powers and using them for their own benefit. Roller truly and deeply seems to believe in magic – real magic – and sued the likes of James Randi, David Copperfield, and David Blaine because of their use of these supposedly supernatural powers.

The Suit Against Copperfield and Blaine

In 2005, Roller filed a $50,000,000 lawsuit (you read that right -fifty million) against David Copperfield because he felt that Copperfield took his powers and used them without his permission. He sued David Blaine in Minnesota because he thought that Blaine had performed some type of sorcery to take his powers away. Roller said it was a labor dispute, and that he was owed compensation since Blaine took his powers.

Let’s look at a quote from Roller to get a better picture of what he really thinks. “I believe David Blaine has been using my godly powers to perform his magic. We’ve all seen clips of UFO videos. They dance around the sky at the speed of thought. So we know that godly powers can coexist on Earth. I believe magicians have also been granted godly powers by me somehow, but they have been keeping it a secret and keep the credits from me.”

As you would imagine, these lawsuits went absolutely nowhere. You have to wonder if he ever thought that he would get anything substantial other than publicity for filing these suits. If it was for the publicity, then it is brilliant, because there are some people talking about him fifteen years after those suits were filed.

Roller is no stranger to doing and saying odd things. During his heyday in the mid 2000s, he claimed that he would be running against Bill Gates in the 2008 election. He also said that Tom Hanks would be starring in a movie about his life. A look at his website is pure entertainment. The first thing that you see is his claim that the movie The Truman Show was made because of him. The site is poorly written, and there’s even a link on the site where you can email him your sins so he can forgive you. Of course, this will only cost 10% of your positive worth”¦ you know, for paying back victims and providing restitution and the like.

Is It Real? The Lawsuits? The Stolen Powers?

No, we’re not talking about Roller’s “godly powers” here. We’re talking about what Roller himself truly believes and thinks. Is he one of the best Internet trolls in the world? Is he a huckster who’s trying to see who might be gullible enough to send him money? Or does he really believe the things that he is writing and putting out to the world? No matter the answer, it is all sad yet entertaining at the same time.

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