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Lawsuit Stemming From An Ugly Baby

A Man in China Sues Because of an Ugly Baby

Strange lawsuits happen all over the world, not just in Canada, and it’s often fun to look into some of the odder suits that have cropped up in recent years. One of the most interesting, with a mind boggling result, actually happened in China.

The Case of the Ugly Baby

A Chinese man, Jian Feng, met a beautiful woman, fell in love, and got married. It seems like a nice enough start to a story, but things take a strange turn soon afterward. Everything was going well in the beginning. Feng’s wife became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. However, that’s when Feng thought something must be wrong. He was a handsome man, and his wife was beautiful. Yet, the baby, for lack of better words, was ugly. It’s not something that you would normally hear any parent say regardless of their offspring’s appearance.

At first, he became suspicious that his wife may have cheated on him. He had a DNA test conducted, and it came back that he was positively the father. So, why the ugly baby? Was the DNA test wrong? Was his baby somehow switched at the hospital? He likely had a number of different scenarios running through his mind. However, he probably didn’t expect what his wife would tell him next.

He soon found out that his wife had undergone an extensive amount of plastic surgery before he met her – approximately $100,000 worth while in South Korea. Instead of doing as most parents would and simply loving the child, he decided that he should sue his wife. He sued on false pretenses since she did not tell him about having plastic surgery and making him believe that she was beautiful.

You might think that this type of case would simply be laughed out of court. However, that’s not what happened. He sued and he actually won the case, causing his wife to give him $120,000. That’s right; he won. It’s certainly not the happily ever after story that you would hope happen in most marriages, and it likely will cause some emotional anguish not only for the wife, but also the child if she learns of the happenstance surrounding her parent’s divorce.

Did This Really Happen?

Since this story first appeared, there have been some who have cast doubt as to its authenticity. However, when digging a bit deeper, you can find details from a civil settlement reported in China. While the exact details of this case are still shrouded in mystery, it does appear to have some validity to it. Stranger things have happened. However, we can’t actually determine the legitimacy of the story. Regardless, it does go to show that there are some really odd lawsuits out there, and that people will sue over just about anything. While there are certainly legitimate reasons to bring a lawsuit against someone, having an ugly baby might not be where you want to make your stand!

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