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Weird Feline Laws

Laws Related to Friendly, Furry Felines

There are lots of laws out there that dictate different requirements when it comes to pets, livestock, and other animals. There are also a whole bunch of laws that relate to only one segment of the animal kingdom: cats. These lovable balls of fur can be great friends and it’s only natural we want to be sure they are happy and healthy. But some of these laws are really out there. Come see what we mean below.

No Lonely Hearts Club

If you have one cat, you may have seen it hanging out in the window, watching other cats go by. Or you may have a cat that is completely fine being alone with only humans for best pals. In Switzerland, a cat is never alone. That’s because it’s illegal to own a pet without it having a companion. Sounds like the perfect destination for crazy cat people out there.

Walk that Kitty

Leashes aren’t as strange to see around a cat’s neck as they used to be, but it’s still not as commonplace as it is to see a dog with one. That said, if you live in Lorinci, Hungary, you have no choice in the matter. All cats on the street have to have a leash. We’re not sure how that applies to any strays, though.

Making Biscuits

Cats are known for making biscuits on any surface they land on. However, if they’re hanging out in Duluth, Minnesota, they’re going to have to stick to blankets and pillows. That’s because cats are forbidden to sleep in bakeries. Sure, it makes sense that a cat not be in a shop where hygiene is king, but Fluffy may not agree with that estimation.

Bedtime for Cat

For those who live in Columbus, Georgia, be sure you get your cat indoors before 9 pm. It is actually illegal for a cat to howl after nine o’clock there. Of course, nobody will know if your cat is hanging out at home and makes a noise or two, unless you live in an apartment with paper thin walls.

Superstitious Ways

Indiana’s French Lick Springs seems to subscribe to superstitions when it comes to black cats. The reason we say that is because all black cats that live in the town are required to wear bells on any Friday the 13th. Nobody is quite sure what the punishment is for a kitty without the bells, but it’s probably best not to find out.

Street Fighting

If you live in Barber, North Carolina, there is a law that seems so crazy you’ll think we made it up. Cats and dogs are forbidden from fighting in this town. We’re not sure how the heck this is enforced or how pet parents are avoiding these fights, but it’s definitely a strange law that doesn’t seem like it’s capable of being real.

And there you have it. A handful of laws, all about cats, that are just a little bit kooky. We hope you enjoyed reading and will have more for your next Wednesday!