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Kahane Law Office Is Growing Again

Kahane Law is expanding and we are pumped! You may have heard our radio ads, you may have seen our TV spots or you may have just seen us online. We have 15 new office spaces open as of April 1st and we have a very healthy amount of work coming in each day for all areas.

Lawyer Positions To Fill:

We have a number of lawyer positions to fill in our Calgary Office. In family law alone we are sending out 20-30 files a week that we do not have the lawyers for. Since we 100% always put client needs first, we will not take on clients that we cannot do an amazing job for.

Family Law:

  • 1-3 year Family Lawyer
  • 3+ year Family Lawyer

Civil Litigation:

  • 3+ year Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • 3+ year Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Practice Area:

  • Areas of law where we already have lawyers but not enough to support a new position: If you have a full or mostly full practice area? Want to switch over to a super AMAZING work environment? Want to see if you can bring home more each month? Reach out today.
  • Areas of law where we do not have lawyers at all but you have your own clients, let’s see what we can build.

Who We Want:

The following things are key in who we want to move over to our firm:

  • Client service oriented: If you worked in a restaurant or bar and understood what it meant to offer great service… think that…. Exceptional service.
  • Excellent legal skills: We have senior team members to bounce things off of but as a base, we want you to have a strong skill set in your  area of law.
  • Positive & energetic: We want like minded people. It helps make the work place a fun place to be… and happy people lead to happy clients.

Flexible Compensation Structures:

We understand that everyone is motivated differently. Some people like stability even if they make a little less. Others like the potential for huge financial upsides if they put in the extra time and energy. Still others like to have some stability but with bonus potentials to reach towards. If you like what you know about the firm, reach out and we can see if things are a great fit all around.

Learn More Today

If you are not happy with your work place and want to learn more about Kahane, get in touch today.  email Jeff Kahane here.

If you know a lawyer who needs more work / life balance and/or is not happy where they are feel free to share this post with them.