Far Fetched Laws from India

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Strange Laws of India

Are you planning a big trip to India? Or maybe you’re just interested in the culture and want to learn more about the laws of the country. Either way, we have you covered. We’ve compiled the strangest laws out of India so you can read them all here in one place. Let’s check them out now.


Indian law looks at adultery in all its forms as an offense…sort of. What makes it truly strange is that there is a gender distinction. Men who commit adultery are liable to be punished, while women are not. It’s only illegal for males to engage in a relationship outside of their marriage.

Motor Vehicle Inspectors

In Andhra Pradesh, becoming a motor vehicle inspector is harder than in other places. Why? Because to get this job you have to have freshly brushed teeth and not have flat feet or hammer toes. Truly bizarre.

Drumming & Locusts

In another strange piece of legislation, the citizens of Delhi are asked to drum in the street if there is a threat of locusts. You got that right. You aren’t just allowed to drum in the streets when locusts come calling, you may be doing something unlawful if you don’t get out there and start drumming.

Pilot License

In keeping with strange regulations about jobs, like the inspectors above, pilots also have to adhere to what seem like arbitrary characteristics. If you’re planning to fly a plane, you must have legs that are at least 90 cm long.

Age Limits

It’s hardly anything new to have age limits for certain behaviors, but the age limit for alcohol consumption is a bit over the top in India. In some Indian states, drinking is entirely banned. In others, there is an age limit of 25. You can get married at 18, but you can’t enjoy a drink until seven years later. Seems a bit much in my opinion.

Dancing Regulations

While it would be crazy for dancing to be illegal, it probably wouldn’t be surprising on a list like this. However, that’s not the case. You’re welcome to hit the dance floor, as long as ten couples haven’t beat you. Only ten couples can be dancing at once. On top of that, an event with this many dancers requires permission from the Commissioner of Police or District Magistrate three days before it occurs.

Buried Treasure

If you stumble upon a cache of treasure in India, it’s free to keep as long as it doesn’t exceed 10 rupees. However, if it is more than that, it’s required that you report it. Not sure what happens to the rupees in that case, but you might get a fine if you don’t follow procedure.

Fly a Kite

An Aircraft Act from 1934 makes it illegal to fly a kite unless you have police permission. The same law also applies to balloons. Way to kill a fun weekend afternoon with this one.

These are eight of the strangest laws and rules that come out of India. Keep them in mind if you ever travel abroad, although which are just on the books and which are likely to get you in hot water is something we can’t promise.