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Canada’s New Anti Spam Laws (CASL)

ANTI SPAM Law Help For your Business

CASL is Canada’s anti spam legislation. While recently passed this new anti spam law takes effect July 1, 2014. Due to the severe penalties of some of its components, it is critical for all Canadian Businesses to fully understand CASL. The Canadian federal government is trying to help Canadians better understand the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation but it is complicated. Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta is available to help avoid violating the law.

The History of CASL

Canada’s new anti spam laws, through CASL are not new in development. While many industrialized countries created anti spam laws over a decade ago, Canada has only now developed broad reaching anti spam laws.

What Areas Does The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation Cover

The Anti Spam Legislation in Canada creates a number of new laws. The new anti spam laws include:

  • The sending of commercial electronic messages without prior consent
  • Altering transmission data without express consent
  • The installation of a computer program on another person’s computer system without express consent
  • Collection of personal information for identity theft
  • The use of false or misleading representations and deceptive marketing practices for on-line promotions
  • Collection of personal information through access to computer systems

Anti Spam Laws Cover More than Just Spam

The most aspect of the Anti Spam laws with most impact are that they do not just target spam. These laws include aspects that include ANY electronic message that includes a commercial component. A commercial component does not need to be something that involves profit (such as sales). Commercial, as it relates to anti spam, includes any electronic message (not just email) that even in part has a component that can include marketing , advertising or promotions.

How CASL Will Affect Canadian Businesses

Canada’s new anti spam legislation will impact any business that uses electronic messages commercially. While most of the new anti spam laws will not impact Canadian businesses that operate ethically, the component of the new Canada’s new anti spam legislation can affect most businesses.

NOTICE TO CANADIAN BUSINESSES: If you were to read one webpage regarding CASL, click here for important information.

How the Calgary CASL Lawyers at Kahane Law Office Help

Our Canada’s anti spam legislation lawyers can help businesses in three ways:

CASL Audits by Lawyers

Our anti spam law lawyers in Calgary are able to work with you or your business team to perform a Canada anti spam law audit. This involves determining which of your business activities will violate the new CASL laws. Click here to learn more about CASL audits for small and medium businesses.

Canadian Anti Spam Legislation Policies

Since any business that establishes that they used due diligence to avoid violating the new Canadian Anti Spam Laws “must not be found liable”, having proper policies in place is fundamental. Our lawyers can help draft Canada’s new anti spam legislation policies tailored to your business. Click here to learn more about CASL policies for small and medium businesses.

Anti Spam Employee Education

Our lawyers can come to your business to help educate your employees. Proper training not only will prevent Canada’s new anti spam legislation violations but help in a due diligence defense if there are any violations. Click here to learn more about CASL education and training for small and medium businesses.

Hiring Anti Spam Legislation Lawyers

CASL is a Canadian federal law. This means that our lawyers can assist businesses across Canada. The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with your Canada’s new anti spam legislation legal needs. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.