Flat rate legal fees let you have peace of mind. People are often concerned about lawyer fees. We believe in transparency. We post our flat rate legal fees for areas of law where we can do so. While our overall fees are competitive with other law firms, we want you to have certainty. Remember, quality of legal work and our dedication to exceptional client service and experience do not get compromised by our determination to let you know what your costs will be before you commit to use our firm. We take pride in everything that we do. Learn more with the testimonials and awards we have been given.

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Know your flat rate legal fees first

Areas of Law With Flat Rate Legal Fees

When Kahane Law Office started, we focused on fair set rates for legal services. It was unusual in the legal industry to stand by a preset fee. Out client feedback was that they loved knowing what they were going to pay, before committing to services. Over the years we expanded our set fee service line. While not every aspect of the areas of law where we offer flat rate legal fees is done on a per-determined rate basis, we do in the following ones:

Real Estate Law

This line includes everything to do with your home. Residential purchases, sales, transfers and refinances are all done on a flat rate basis. Click here to learn more about our residential real estate fee structure.

Family Law

We offer flat rate legal fees for many uncontested matters. These include separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and uncontested (desk) divorces. Click here to learn more about our family law preset fee structure.

Wills & Estates Law

Our wills & estates team offers flat rate legal fees for our most common wills & estates services. These include wills, personal directives or living wills and enduring powers of attorney. Click here to learn more about our wills & estates predetermined legal costs.

Corporate, Commercial & Business Law

The service line boasts the most comprehensive areas of law offered with flat rates so you know what things will cost you before you commit. We offer many more specific services ares for client. Click here to learn more about our corporate fees which you know before you commit.

Immigration Law

Our immigration team spans the country. They are able to assist with immigration legal work across Canada. We also represent people from around the world to help them legally come to Canada. Click here to learn more about our immigration law fees.

Want Lower Legal Fees In Calgary?

Many people want lower legal fees. We give clients the ability to decide what they pay from our “a la cart” legal services. With preset legal fees, you decide what services you want to pay for. Often, our clients decide to pay for fewer services to keep their costs down, or decide that they will complete part of what is required on their own and have us either review their work or just give guidance.

Discounted Flat Rate Legal Fees For Veterans & The Military

Calgary, Alberta based Kahane Law Office appreciates and values all the Canadian Armed Forces members who work so hard to make (or made) life safer and more free for Canadians and many others. Please find our link to our veteran & military discount page.

Want to Know More about our Flat Rate Legal Fees?

Join our happy clients that enjoy no surprise legal fees. We define exactly what our role is and what we charge for those services. You enjoy piece of mind. Call today so that we can help you with your specific legal needs. You can also read more on what the Canadian Bar Association has said about flat rate legal fees. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or 403-225-8810 locally or email us directly here.