The Calgary Stampede has been a staple to our great city since 1912.  Each year over 1.2 million people congregate to the Stampede Grounds with over 350,000 of them being visitors to our city. Over 2,000,000 mini donuts are sold and $2M in prizes given out to Cowboys and girls and 216 horses involved in the Chuckwagon races each night.  Additionally, there are some radical relationship facts that stem from the Stampede each year.

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Family Lawyers After Stampede

Family Lawyers After Stampede

The first being that Calgary Divorce Lawyers see a 30% to 50% increase in new client calls in the 6 weeks that follow the 10 day event and there is a dramatic spike in new child births each April year; 9 months post-Stampede. And of course, many many people find the new true love of their life and their future spouses. Stampede is an exciting time for the City and in a good number of cases a change in relationship status of some sort. Here are some tips on what your first thought should be, if you’re in one of the 4 options from the Stampeding this year:

Relationship Status Quo

Nothing has changed. You got in and out of it alive. Your life is just as exciting (or boring) as it was beforehand. Did we mention we do wills

Stampede Babies…

You’re expecting a child! If you have a new baby on the way, first of all Congrats! Second of all, if are you are not in a relationship with the other parent it is highly recommended that you connect with a lawyer to cover the specifics of guardianship and paternity testing under the Family Law Act. There are many benefits to learning about the process earlier rather than later.

As an expecting parent, the earlier you commit to your financial obligations and rights and responsibilities the earlier you will be deemed a guardian and granted the many benefits associated with it. Additionally, there is presently a significant deviation between how our Provincial Court and Court of Queen’s Bench are approaching shared parenting. It is imperative, if you are the father of a child, you seek legal advice immediately to ensure you are preserving your right to shared parenting.

The Stampede “Longer” Term Match…

You’re newly matched! Congrats on the new-found love interest! If things are really taking off and there is a contemplating of moving in then it is always recommended that you buy an hour of a lawyer’s time and book a consult to learn about the common law rights and how your income and property (both presently owned and future acquired) will be affected by the life decision to co-habitate. Absent an actual Cohabitation agreement, it is always recommended for each party to take a snap shot of their assets / debts / income for that point in time as it will be necessary information in event of a separation. Additionally, keep a good record of who is contributing to what expenses.

Stampede “Interfered” With Your Relationship

You were bucked off your Relationship! Sorry to hear this news but remember there is always life after a separation / divorce. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. Some initial tips for this process:

  1. Consider relationship counseling. Especially where children are involved.
  2. Understand that it may take longer to get into see a divorce lawyer given the time of year. Be patient. The average length of a divorce is 10 months. This will not occur overnight.
  3. Ask around to your friends / co-workers for the names of some good lawyers.
  4. Plan to have 2-3 consults with lawyers in town before you select one. This person is going to be in charge of all the substantive affairs of your life. You want to be working with someone you communicate well with and trust.
  5. Organize all your finances as they will be needed. File your taxes. Get your complete list of assets / debts / income together.
  6. Write down a list of questions to bring in to the first consult. You should leave a consult having all issues covered and questions answered.
  7. Keep things as amicable as possible (regardless of the circumstances). No one ever wins a divorce, they survive it and move on with their life. Keep it clean and efficient and you will be moving onto the next chapter before you know it.

Post Stampede Family Law Help

Stampede comes to town each and every year. As exciting as it is, it tends to have an impact on relationships and family structures. There are 7 experienced Family Law lawyers who can help you navigate all four of the Stampede situations. We look forward to assisting you, if needed. You can reach us in Calgary, Alberta at 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.