Bagging a Bigfoot: Hunting for the Mythical Forest Ninja

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This Weeks Wacky Wednesday Bagging a Bigfoot Hunting for the Mythical Forest Ninja

Do you believe in the fabled Bigfoot? Are you certain that the blurry photo your cousin’s friend took shows a sasquatch? Are you of the mind that believes these creatures are peaceful, sweet giant woodland hippie apes? Do you believe they are monstrous killers stalking the fields and forests looking for children who don’t run quite as fast as their peers? Or do you believe that they could be a good cash-grab?

Finding Bigfoot Just Got Real(ish)

It turns out that certain officials in Oklahoma believe the latter. In January of 2021, Oklahoma Rep. Justin Humphrey introduced a bill to the state legislature that would try to open up licensing for a Bigfoot Hunting Season. Humphrey said some people don’t believe, but a lot of people do. The licensing and season would be regulated by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission. They would create dates for hunting the sasquatch, just as they would with other types of animals.

Although Humphrey says that he’s never seen Bigfoot or heard Bigfoot while out in the wilds or driving along desolate stretches of road, he knows people who say they have. He says they are good, honest people and they believe they’ve had an experience with the giant creature.

But why a hunting season, you might ask? The addition of a hunting season for Bigfoot could do good things for the economy, Humphrey says. It could attract a lot more visitors to the state, where tourism is already important. This could be a good way to bring in more people and more revenue. Visitors could come and get a hunting license and spend time in the great outdoors to experience the state. Not only will they be spending on a license to hunt, but they may have to rent vehicles, equipment, find places to stay, etc. All of this has the potential to boost the economy of Oklahoma.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who have no intention of hunting the creature. However, they will still want to get a license that they can put up on the wall in a frame. It’s not the normal type of thing that gets framed, which is sure to make it fun for a lot of people.

Does the Law Allow People to Kill Bigfoot?

Regardless of how you feel about the reality of Bigfoot, this does pose some interesting questions and a whole lot of “what ifs”. There are many believers in the creature that oppose killing it and who believe that Bigfoot is close to human. Fortunately, those folks will not have to worry since the bill only allows Bigfoot to be trapped, not killed.

To make the allure of coming to Oklahoma and finding Bigfoot even more enticing, Humphrey wants to provide a $25,000 bounty for anyone who manages to capture the elusive beast.

Whether Bigfoot is real or not doesn’t really matter. It’s the fun of the chase, the thoughts of what could be out there bumping around in the woods and hollering after the sun goes down. This proposed bill would help the state’s economy and would be a lot of fun for people.

Before we leave, though, did you know that Oklahoma is ranked 9th when it comes to Bigfoot sightings in the United States? People in the state are certainly seeing something, and it would be quite interesting if they did manage to find and capture one of these creatures. After the last couple of years, it seems like just about anything is possible in this weird world.