This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Grandma has CBD! Beware!

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Grandma has CBD! Beware!

Most places today have started to become more educated when it comes to the use of CBD and marijuana in general. It is legal in Canada, as well as many states in the United States. Yet, there are still a number of places that are clinging on to the idea of keeping marijuana illegal, such as Florida.

The Grandma Caper

Hester Burkhalter, a 69-year-old grandmother was arrested at Walt Disney World of all places. Her arrest was all because she was carrying some CBD oil with her. This “criminal mastermind” was apprehended when she attempted to enter the Happiest Place on Earth with a vial of CBD oil in her purse. In the state of Florida, you can only have the oil if you have a medical marijuana card.

She said that her doctor told her that she should be using the CBD for arthritis, and her doctor said that a copy of her prescription was faxed by her doctor on the day she was arrested. That did not matter to Disney, because they still called the police on her and ended up treating her worse than most Disney villains.

The charges were eventually dropped. However, that has not stopped Burkhalter’s attorney from filing a motion with Disney World and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, letting them know that they are going to be sued. The attorney says that the lawsuit will claim that her civil rights were violated and that she suffered from being illegally detained, character defamation, and false imprisonment.

Was She Treated Poorly?

She was not the only person who was stopped with CBD oil that day. There was another person who was stopped and who had cannabis and CBD oil on them, as well. Both were placed in the back of a police car, and at that point, Burkhalter claimed that she gets claustrophobic and that she was having trouble breathing. She was removed from the backseat and was allowed to wait for another patrol car to come and pick her up to take her to jail.

Video of the incident, which had been reviewed by News 6 in Orlando, does not seem to show any issues with her treatment from being picked up all the way to reaching the jail. However, ultimately, it seems like this will be something that is going to be decided in a court.

What Should You Take Away from These Cases?

Chances are good that Burkhalter did not have any idea that she was going to be searched at a checkpoint and that she would be arrested for having CBD oil. After all, it is legal in the state, and she was able to get in touch with her doctor for a copy of the prescription. Most people wouldn’t imagine that they would end up going to jail for something that was legal.

However, it is important that people learn more about the places that they are going to be visiting out of state and about the laws in their own state. They should have an idea of what is and is not legal if there is even a small chance that it could result in getting in trouble with the law.

While this grandmother is not someone who would pose a threat, it is understandable why Disney has checkpoints in today’s world. There are people out there may wish to cause trouble, and the checkpoints are a way to reduce the potential problems that could develop. The employees are likely sticklers for the law because they know they could get in serious trouble and even fired if they are not.