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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Man Arrested for Murder Claims He Was Fighting a Werewolf!

In July of 2018, Bradford Jackson, 65, was found dead inside of a business on King Street in Alexandria, New Jersey. The police said that the death was suspicious. They also received a call about a many who looked suspicious who got into a Mercedes that was parked on the same street. The suspicious man was naked, and he was bleeding from his arm and his hand. It was not long before the police confirmed that the man in the Mercedes, Pankaj Bhasin, of NJ, may have had something to do with the murder of Jackson. They arrested him and charged him with murder.

Things Get Stranger

Bhasin, a mentally ill man, came into a Window Universe store on King Street on July 13 and saw Jackson, who was working there. According to Bhasin, Jackson asked him what he was doing there, and then they started to fight.

He claimed that he was not fighting a human in that business. Instead, he claims that he was trying to fight a werewolf because he needed to stop the moon and the Earth from colliding. He told the police that he had killed the wolf and that there was still time to save 99% of the moon and planets. He reiterated this to the doctors and said that he believed that Jackson was turning into a werewolf at the time of the fight.

Separately, five doctors diagnosed Bhasin with bipolar 1 disorder, and his attorney said that it meant that he would not have been culpable for his actions on the day that he murdered Jackson. The prosecutor in the case did not disagree or dispute the medical findings. However, he did say that Bhasin exaggerated the symptoms as a means to cover up the crime, which he says was not only horrific but also intentional.

Before the attack, though, Bhasin drove from New Jersey to Georgetown, where he went into the Four Seasons Hotel carrying a gas can and saying that he needed a room. Naturally, he was turned away. While he was there, he was also saying strange things, and that if he dies everyone would die, but there was still time to save everyone. He also said that it was going to be a bad day.

When he got to Alexandria, he told the psychiatrists that he stopped in an alley because he had to investigate boxes. He believed that those boxes held DNA. He then said that he followed Jackson into the building because he thought that the man might know about the boxes. During the fight, Bhasin beat Jackson and stabbed him 53 times using a box cutter and then took out his eyes. It was at that point that he fled.


The mental illness that Bhasin appears to be suffering from only developed a few months before the attack. Before that, family and friends said that he did not have any issues. During the trial, the jury deadlocked. Defense attorneys continue to hope that he can be found not guilty by reason of insanity.