He’s Just Not That Into You

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Obsessed Woman Arrested for Stalking Wealthy Man on Dating App!

Sometimes, when you meet someone, you know that it’s a good fit, and you decide that you might want to go out on a few more dates to see how things go. Other times, you meet someone, and you know almost immediately that it’s not the right fit. They might be nice, but they just aren’t for you. Of course, there are also times when things get weird and can turn scary, as happens with this case.


Strange to Scary

A woman named Jacqueline Ades was using an online dating app called Luxy, which is specifically for extremely wealthy and successful people. She met the man, went on a single date, and she was smitten. In fact, she was so smitten that she ended up sending the man a few texts. Actually, it was more than a few. She ended up sending him 159,000 texts, and typically 500 or more per day. That’s a lot of typing, but she said that he was her “soulmate”.

While this seems funny in an absurdist kind of way, it’s both frightening and sad. The victim in this case said that he had gone on only one date with her and that she started to stalk and harass him immediately after. Not all of the messages that she was sending were nice, either. There were many threatening messages, and some of them included death threats. Naturally, he was concerned and wanted to press charges. He provided the detectives with screenshots of the messages she was sending.

According to the police reports, the criminal issues stared on April 8, 2018. Ades was arrested for criminal trespass when they went into the victim’s home when he was not there. During that arrest, the police also found a butcher knife on the passenger side of her vehicle. She’s also been accused of taking a bath in his tub when she was in the home without permission.

You might think that after the arrest it would be enough to stop this type of behavior, but it seems that Ades problems run deeper than that. She continued with her criminal behavior. She was released but was supposed to return for court. She never ended up going to those court dates, and the police had to issue a bench warrant for her. In addition, the victim said that he had started receiving more threatening messages from her through texts. She even ended up showing up at his workplace. She was eventually brought back to jail to await trial.

Always Contact the Authorities for Stalking Issues

There are some people out there who have serious problems when it comes to relationships, and they go off the deep end. This is an extreme case, but there are plenty of other extreme stalking cases that have happened. Those who feel threatened by someone and who is being stalked, whether they are a man or a woman, should never hesitate to let the authorities know about the problem. Let friends and family know as well, so they can beware.