Possessions to Take Care of the Possession

This Week's Wacky Wednesday: Possessions to Take Care of the Possession

This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Possessions to Take Care of the Possession

There are a lot of bad people in the world, and a lot of them are going to be posted on this site. Some of the worst types of crooks are con artists. Unfortunately, if they have a primed mind, the public can easily be taken advantage of by these crooks. Take the case of Massachusetts resident Tracey Milanovich, for example. She proclaimed to be a palm reader, psychic, etc. Let’s get deeper into this case to see what allegedly happened.

It’s A Demon

Parents love their kids and want to do anything that’s needed to keep them safe. Naturally, you would want to keep them safe from demons too. Milanovich convinced a mother that her 10-year-old daughter was possessed. Of course, she also said that she would be able to exorcise that demon… for a price.

Not only did Milanovich get the woman to pay cash for the exorcism, but also got her to pay for various household items she wanted, such as bedding. How much was she able to charge before the jig was up? You might be surprised to learn that Milanovich fleeced this victim for around $71,000 before the authorities found out and became involved. Unfortunately, about half of the money they paid was borrowed, too.

Milanovich told the victim that she was going to take the demon out of her daughter and place it into a Barbie doll. She also told the victim that her daughter had something inside of her that was bad and that she was dead in God’s eyes. To remedy this situation, they would have to buy back her daughter’s soul.

Imagine someone who truly believes in the words of someone and the individual then uses that power to make people afraid for and of their child? It’s also sad for a parent to simply assume that their child is possessed and to believe the lies that people like Milanovich claim. Leaping to that conclusion, rather than looking at any psychological issue that could be affecting the child is truly harmful.

In cases where someone—generally a parent—believes their children are possessed, they often take actions that are even more drastic. There are an unfortunate number of stories involving parents and “exorcists” that end up hurting or even killing the children. This happens a lot more often than most realize, but it tends not to get widespread attention.

Consider this. If you were someone who had the power to exorcise a demon and remove it from someone, especially a child, wouldn’t it be the sort of thing you’d do pro bono? Those who charge, especially outrageous amounts, should immediately be considered suspect.

Psychic Frauds: You Should See It Coming

These types of cases aren’t as isolated and rare as you might think. Perlita Afancio-Balles in Sacramento, CA claimed that she was psychic. She would gain the trust of her victims and then say that she could bless them and double any amount of money given to her. So, if you give her $1,000, you would somehow through the magic of the universe, end up getting $2,000 back.

You don’t have to be psychic to figure out what happened with the rest of the story. She ended up taking $100,000 from her victims before performing a vanishing act.