Texas Woman Tries to Buy Child at Walmart

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Texas Woman Tries to Buy Child at Walmart

You know that inside the walls of your local Walmart, you can find just about anything you might need. You can get patio furniture, TVs, bedding, toys, and there are even Walmart stores that have groceries in them. One of the things that you can’t buy, however, is children. However, that didn’t stop Texas woman Rebecca Taylor from asking and being creepily persistent about it. Let’s get a closer look at what happened.

How Much For That Kid?

Taylor, 49, was arrested on January 18, 2022, and charged with “the sale or purchase of a child” due to an incident that had happened five days earlier.

The police had received a phone call on January 15 from a mother claiming that a woman approached her in Walmart and wanted to buy her son. The mother described the woman, white with blonde hair, and explained the situation. She says that she was in the self-checkout line when Taylor approached her and started to make comments about her son’s blue eyes and blonde hair. She then came right out with the question and asked how much she would have to pay for him.

Now, at first, this might be the sort of thing that you would laugh off because it sounds so ridiculous. You have a great kid and someone else, perhaps a mom, makes a joke about wanting a kid like that. Weird, but harmless…except it didn’t seem quite so harmless in this case.

The mother laughed, believing that it was just a joke, like most of us would. Then, Taylor told her that she had $250,000 in the car and that she would pay that much for him. It gets scarier from there. The mother claims that Taylor and a female companion started to call her son by his name. However, Taylor had never been told the son’s name.

Naturally, this freaked the mom out a bit and she wanted to get out of there. However, Taylor followed her from the checkout line to the parking lot and offered more money for the child.

When they were in the parking lot, Taylor started screaming. She said that if $250,000 wouldn’t do it, then she would pay $500,000 because she wanted him and was going to take him. This must’ve been extremely frightening. There is surveillance video from Walmart that seems to back up this incident as having actually happened.

Reportedly, Taylor also said that he was the perfect fit and that she had been wanting to buy a baby for a long time. It’s a very cryptic and creepy thing to say.

What Kind Of Time Could She Face?

These types of threats, in addition to the crime of trying to buy a child, can lead to a substantial amount of time behind bars. She could be sentenced to up to 10 years in jail for the incident. It’s still quite early in this case, but it will be interesting to try to follow to see how it’s handled and what type of defense Taylor might have. It wasn’t noted whether anything will happen with the female companion who was with Taylor at the time of the incident.

These types of cases are rare, but they do happen. Some people are desperate to have children and they offer to buy kids. Others try to steal children, although that tends to be just as rare. Equally as bad are those cases where parents willingly sell their children. It’s a terrible and dark world out there. These happen with more frequency than anyone wants to admit.