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Santa Disclosure Lawsuit: Only in California

Just In Time For The Holidays

What happens when you decide that your child is old enough to know the truth about Santa, and then he tells his friends at school… It’s Wednesday so it must mean that the obvious answer is a lawsuit. Perhaps another of course is that this occurred in California.

What Happened

Each parent has their choice of how they bring up their children. Some raise their kids believing in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and yes, even Santa. When kids know something that their friends do not know, it is only natural for them to share. When he went to school, he told eight classmates that Santa is not real. The parents of the child whom learned the truth about Santa had a demand letter sent from a law firm to the disclosing child’s mom.

Don’t Worry, This Never Saw A Courtroom

While this did not see a court room, it was not because it was a ridiculous case. The mom being threatened even had Pro Bono legal defense offered to deal with this in court. Instead, the mother of the boy had to host a party and hire a Santa to come to the party in order to reverse the ill effects of the “Santa is not real” disclosure. Under the settlement, the hired Santa had to sing songs for the eight kids and hand out presents.

Santa Court Cases In Canada

While this was an American lawsuit, the closes we could find in Canada was a Kingston Ontario man who was arrested for being drunk in public. The arrest happened at a parade where the man was telling kids that Santa was not real.

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