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Naked People and Their Legal Problems

What’s the oddest thing that you’ve ever done in your life? Chances are good that it’s not quite as crazy as what Jesus Tarango decided to do on the Fourth of July. The New Mexico man had a surprise in store for the police officers that responded to a call regarding a naked man who was on the side of the road. Since it doesn’t usually bode well to have naked people strolling down the road, they hurried to the scene.

What Kind Of Naked The Cops Found

They found Tarango acting strangely and claiming that he had somehow been poisoned. The deputies told him that he would have to sit down, but he did not comply. Instead, he started to head into traffic. The deputies, fearing for his safety, tried to grab him. However, the man proved to be too quick for them. He got into their patrol car and and took off.

While it might sound funny, and something that would happen on Reno 911!, it was a very serious incident. Other officers had to pursue Tarango, who eventually pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. At that point, another officer was able to arrest him without further incident.

The Charges: Not For Being Naked

The man’s actions seemed to indicate that he may have been intoxicated, but there is also the possibility that he was mentally ill. He was actually not charged with driving under the influence, so it is far more likely that he was suffering from a mental condition. He was, however, charged with vehicle theft and aggravated fleeing. Because he was charged with aggravated fleeing, which is a fourth degree felony, there is a chance that he could spend up to 18 months in prison. Hopefully, he was able to get help for whatever caused the outburst.

More Naked Legal Trouble

Tarango is far from the only person to have had a run in with the law while wearing nothing at all. In fact, there have been some rather famous people to have seen the wrong side of a jail cell because they did something illegal and happened to be naked at the time … which is often also illegal. One of the most famous is certainly Randy Travis. The country singer crashed his car, a Pontiac Trans Am. At the time Travis was picked up, he was highly intoxicated – around three times the limit. He was fortunate in that he only received probation rather than time behind bars.

One of the top-level admirals in the US Navy, David Baucom, recently lost his position when he was found drunk and wandering around a Florida hotel naked. He said that he ended up locked out of his room when he was trying to go to the bathroom and mistook the entrance to the room for his bathroom door.

Keep an eye on the news, and it might surprise you just how often you hear about naked people doing the strangest things. Whether it is stealing cop cars, walking around the city, or driving, it happens quite a bit.

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