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Weird Italian Laws

Strange Laws You’ll Only Experience in Italy

Italy, like every other country, has many laws and regulations that intend to keep people safe and happy while they visit or live there. Also, like every other country, Italy has a number of strange laws mixed in among the more typical ones. We’re going to look at some of the weirdest laws you’ll find in Italy, along with whether they are nationwide or confined to a city.

Nationwide Strange Laws

Any man in Italy can be arrested for simply wearing a skirt. We’re unsure if this means that dresses are entirely out of the question, but you can bet that a kilt is. That may be the point of the law, to begin with.

You’ll also find that in the entirety of Italy, bathing or swimming in a public fountain can bring about a large fine. Save showering for your home or hotel room and avoid being penniless for hopping in a public fountain just for the experience. It’s not worth it.
The strangest nationwide law in Italy is that men may not touch their genitals in public. It seems this law is based on an old superstition that states touching your own crotch is bad luck. However, it’s doubtful this law is followed by many, if anyone.

Roman Laws

While in Rome, it is unlawful to drink or eat anywhere outdoors while in the historic center.

In addition to that, groups of three or more may not eat, drink, dance, or sing in the city streets. Doing so will get you a pretty large fine so stick to a twosome if you feel like dancing in the streets.

You also cannot keep goldfish in a bowl in Rome, as it’s considered cruel. This one seems like a step in the right direction.

Lucca Laws

It’s illegal to feed pigeons in the city center of Lucca. It’s also unlawful to open a kebab shop in the historic center. The second seems way more problematic a law than the first, personally.

Other City Laws

If you’re in Milan, there is a law that requires locals always to be smiling. The only exceptions are for those who are attendants at a funeral or a visitor to a hospital. Otherwise, you can be fined for a sad or neutral expression.

Couples in Eboli need to take the lovemaking indoors, as having sex in a car can lead to a major fine.

Those who live in Turin and own dogs are required to take those pups out for a walk a minimum of three times a day. Sounds like a city that would have a thriving and happy pet population.

In Novara, groups of more than two may not hang out in the park after dark. Make sure you and your pals leave the premises before the sun sets if you want to avoid trouble.

This is only a small sample of the strange laws you can run into while visiting Italy. Hopefully, while you’re visiting, you can put your new knowledge to good use and avoid any pesky fines or trouble.