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Weird traffic laws!

Unbelievable Traffic Laws

There are thousands of traffic laws, especially when you consider all the state-specific laws there are. Many of them have a good reason behind them. You stop at a red light to avoid an accident. Speed limits exist for the safety of other drivers on the road. However, some traffic laws are just wacky. We’re going to look at those now.

• In Alabama, it is illegal to drive while blindfolded. Makes sense but…did someone try this?

• California makes it illegal for a woman to drive wearing a housecoat.

• In Colorado, don’t drive a black car on a Sunday, unless you’re in Denver.

• While in Florida, if you tie a goat, elephant, or alligator to a parking meter, you must feed the meter.

• Spitting is prohibited from a bus or car in Georgia, but fine if you’re in a truck.

• In Idaho Falls, those over 88 are not allowed to ride a motorcycle.

• In Indiana, you’ll have to buy your new car on a weekday. It’s forbidden to sell a car on a Sunday. The same goes for the state of Maine.

• When in Kentucky, keep a check on Spot. It’s illegal for a pet to molest a vehicle in Fort Thomas.

• In Louisiana, a woman’s husband must wave a flag in front of the car before she starts driving.

• Potty mouths in Maryland, beware. Cursing from a vehicle in Rockville is a crime.

• Massachusetts forbids driving with a gorilla, at least when it’s in your backseat.

• In Michigan, it’s against the law to sit on the street and read a newspaper.

• When driving in Minnetonka, be sure your truck doesn’t leave dirt or mud on the road. It’s a crime.

• While in Mississippi, if you drive through Oxford, it’s illegal to honk your horn as it might scare horses.

• In Missouri, horn honking is also illegal, but only if it’s someone else’s horn.

• When in Nevada, traffic laws make it illegal to ride a camel on a highway.

• New Hampshire has a law that makes it illegal to inhale bus fumes to get high. Just buses, not other cars.

• While in New Mexico, cab drivers are forbidden from pulling potential customers into their taxicab.

• Simply put, in North Carolina, playing in traffic is unlawful.

• Oklahoma makes it illegal to drive while reading a comic book.

• While driving in Pennsylvania, on a country road at night, it’s required to stop every mile to set flares and allow time for livestock to leave the road.

• Tennessee disallows shooting game from a moving car…except for whales.

• In Washington state, any motorist with criminal intent is required to stop at the city limits and phone the police chief before entering.

• And, in West Virginia, eating roadkill is legal.

These are far from the only strange driving and traffic laws around, but they’re some of the most outlandish ones. Now you know better than to honk someone else’s horn in Missouri or to tie a gator to a parking meter without dumping in your change when you’re in Florida.