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Weird Laws of Singapore

Strange Laws to Know About Before Visiting Singapore

Singapore is a place known for its extreme cleanliness, along with a low crime rate. However, that means that some of the laws seem a bit strange, at least at first. That said, Singapore has some pretty hefty punishments, so it’s worth knowing some of these things before you travel abroad. Following are a number of unusual laws that are commonplace there.

Spitting in Public

As part of the whole cleanliness thing that Singapore holds dear, it’s not that surprising that spitting in public is outlawed. Keep in mind that this includes streets, sidewalks, and anywhere else the public is allowed. The fine for breaking this law can reach fines of up to $1,000.

Selling Gum

It’s not illegal to chew gum in Singapore, but it is illegal to sell it. Singapore isn’t messing around with this law, either. You can wind up in jail for up to two years or paying a fine of up to $100,000 for engaging in a gum selling operation. Better just to avoid this line of business.


Littering is a huge no-no in Singapore, with a first-time offender who tosses out a cigarette butt being fined $300. For those who are convicted of littering three times, the price is more severe, at least to your self-esteem. The punishment involves cleaning the streets once a week while wearing a bib telling the world that you’re a litterer.

Nudity in the Home

That’s right; it is illegal to walk around naked in your own home. Of course, if you have the curtains drawn, you’re not going to get in any trouble. However, if you traipse about with no clothes and someone sees you, you can end up in real hot water. Huge fines and even imprisonment are possible results.

Publicly Smoking

Smoking isn’t outlawed in Singapore, but it’s illegal to smoke in public places and vehicles. This was put into place in order to provide a healthier environment where individuals are not affected by secondhand smoke. You can smoke in your own home, but don’t do it in public. It’s also illegal to enter the country with cigarettes on you.

Courtesy Flush

It’s always a polite idea to flush the toilet after you use it, but in Singapore, it’s illegal not to flush. You can end up with a fine of $150 for failing to do so. In addition, elevators are equipped with devices that detect the scent of urine, so if you pee in an elevator, expect the police to show up.

Using Someone’s Wi-Fi

In truly strange law news, it’s actually defined as hacking to connect to someone else’s Wi-Fi. You can end up with a fine of $10,000, three years in jail, or both. Better be careful with this one, those are some heavy punishments.

If you’re visiting Singapore, you should know about some of the unique laws you will be expected to adhere to. We’ve posted a few of the strangest so you can enjoy your trip without getting into any unintended trouble.