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Weird Food Laws

Wacky Laws About Food

Everyone knows there are some nonsensical laws out there, but did you know a good amount of them revolve around food? Everywhere from California to North Carolina has legislation on the books that relate to eating, serving, or making food. We’ll look at some of the strangest ones below.

San Francisco Pastries

You’ve likely heard about laws for open containers, but San Francisco takes it a step further. They have legislation related to carrying open containers of baked goods. Cinnamon rolls, brownies, apple pie – none of these are legal to carry about with you in an open basket or another container.

Gainesville, Georgia Fried Chicken

Still on the books, Gainesville, Georgia has had an ordinance reaching back to 1961 that requires diners to only eat fried chicken with their bare hands. No gloves, no forks, no knives. If you’re in Gainesville, you’ll be eating your wings with just your fingers. However, in 2009 a woman was arrested for using a fork but then pardoned, so how serious this law is may be up for dispute.

Wisconsin Prison Food

Wisconsin clearly takes their butter seriously because even incarcerated prisoners are only allowed actual real butter. Butter substitutes may not be served to inmates, patients, or students of any state institution unless a doctor requests it for their health.

Maryland Oyster Shells

While you’re allowed to eat oysters in Maryland and can use whatever utensils you want, you may not turn oysters or their shells into chicken meal, lime, or road construction materials, unless you obtain the required permission. Then you can make all the chicken meal you desire.

Tennessee Food Preparation

If you have a food-related job in Tennessee, make sure you don’t get a little tired and curl up for a quick nap. It is prohibited to sleep in any room of a dining room, cheese factory, bakeshop, kitchen, confectionary, creamery, or other place food is sold, served, or for sale.

Broward County, Florida Food Vendors

Another law regarding the sale of food, this time in Broward County, Florida. This country prohibits food vendors from selling their wares while dressed provocatively. This includes wearing any number of things, such as thong bikinis and G-strings but also goes into great details about human anatomy.

Wyoming Fishing

No, fishing is not illegal in Wyoming. However, fishing with a firearm is completely prohibited. No hurting, taking, or obliterating a fish with a gun is allowed. Not sure how that becomes an essential piece of legislation but it does exist.

North Carolina Grease

Stealing used restaurant grease is illegal in North Carolina and can get you in some serious hot water. If you steal grease worth more than $1,000, it’s a felony, and you may just end up in the slammer.

If you thought cooking was simple and effortless, with no repercussions other than heartburn, it seems you might be wrong. These food laws may be outlandish, but they aren’t the only ones out there. They are some of the strangest we could find, though.