Weird Laws About Marriage

You’d be surprised how many strange laws exist that relate to marriage. Most laws are there to protect the well-being of the public, but others seem to have no real rhyme or reason at all. This week, we’re going to look at some truly wacky laws that relate to love and matrimony. We think they’ll blow your mind, too.


We are going to start with a doozy. In Vermont, it is against the law for a wife to wear false teeth without first receiving permission from her husband. This one really makes no sense, but it’s sure a great one to start off our list with. Ladies, ask your husband before you put in dentures.


Everyone loves chocolate, especially if it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or another special occasion. However, in Idaho, gifts of candy cannot weigh less than fifty pounds. That seems a bit like overkill, personally, but the law is the law so it sounds like the confections industry must be doing really well in Idaho.


You’ll find that in Iowa, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public. It’s difficult to find the origins to this truly bizarre law, but it’s believed that it was meant to keep PDA to a minimum. Seems a little like discrimination to us, though.


The most horrifying item on this list is courtesy of Arkansas, where a husband may beat his wife, but only if it’s less than once a month. This law went into effect in the 1800s, back when domestic violence was an accepted part of life. The good news is that domestic violence laws are now everywhere, so despite this law being on the books, anyone beating someone else is likely to end up in the clink.


A strange law indeed, in Arizona it is illegal to have more than two vibrators in a home. In fact, it states anyone living in a house with more than two vibrators can be criminally prosecuted. Not even sure where to start with this one so we’ll just leave it here, as is.


In Oregon, specifically the town of Willowdale, it’s been said that it’s against the law for a man to speak dirty to his wife while they’re engaging in intimacy. Now, how someone would find out about this and what kind of penalty there would be, there’s no real answer for. Definitely one of the strangest laws out there, though.


In Nebraska, it is against the law for someone with gonorrhea to get married. You heard that right. Anyone with this sexually transmitted infection is out of luck when it comes to wedded bliss, unless it happens in another state, that is.

As you can see, strange laws aren’t only related to driving, pets, and food. There are plenty of laws in the United States regarding marriages and weddings that are truly bizarre. We’ll have more crazy laws next Wednesday, so stay tuned.