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Exorcism and children often do not mix when the state is involved.

Mother Requests Exorcism and Loses Children

While it would be wonderful if all parents were good and well adjusted enough to take care of their children properly, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it is in the best interest of the children to take them away from their family. That’s the case with a story out of New Jersey.

The father of the children is in prison. By itself, that’s certainly no reason to take the children away from the mother. However, the mother told her priest that she was hearing voices that told her she needed to give the children to the devil. This was cause for concern. She believed that the children were possessed and that they were in need of an exorcism.While the title and situation sound amusing, this is where this article becomes one fo the saddest Wacky Wednesdays to date… well up there with the dad who sued his wife because his baby was born too ugly….

The State Removes The Children

At the time, the children were only two and three years old. The state decided at that time to remove them from the home.

The case was appealed, but the appellate court decided that it was in the best interest to side with the decision of the lower court. The children are now six and seven, but the courts decided that it’s still not safe for them to be with their parents.

What Really Happened…

The father, who was in and out of jail during the years the children were in foster care, knew about the mother’s mental health issues, but did nothing to help. The courts did not feel giving him any rights to the children was a good idea.

After the children were first removed from the home, they were put into foster care. During that period, their birth mother went through several psychiatric hospitalizations. Her official diagnosis was paranoid schizophrenia. In addition, she did not take her medication, and was not allowed to attend parental classes because she was confrontational during the classes – which she rarely actually attended. During that time, she also went to jail twice for receiving stolen property and for testing positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Mental illness is a serious problem, and if the mother believed that voices were telling her to give the kids to the devil, there is no telling what could have happened to them. All too often, we hear about cases in the news of this ilk that end tragically. Fortunately, the state was notified about the case before it could get out of hand. It’s sad to take the children away, but in this particular instance, it was well warranted.

The Happy, Post Court, Ending

The foster family that the children were placed with decided to adopt. Adopting a child or children is one of the most wonderful gifts that a person can give a child. Learn more about adoptions here.With a loving adoptive parent, the children will be able to grow up happy and healthy, and they will not have to worry about the issues of their birth parents causing them harm.

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