Resolving Your Legal Issues With Cease & Desist Letter

Before you head to court in Alberta, an unwritten rule dictates that you send a warning letter. These letters demand that the other party stop doing actions that cause harm or disruption to your life or business. In other instances, these letters demand that the person take a positive action to do something. For example, that they follow through on something they contracted to do, or something, which if they failed to do it, could cause damages to you. Due to the effectiveness of these letters, always ensure that the drafting is strong and persuasive for best results. The Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers at Kahane Law Office, a full service central Edmonton law firm, often help people people get what they want without the huge costs of litigation.

Understanding Edmonton Cease And Desist Letters

In this case, the name really says it all. Essentially our Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers craft a unique letter to your situation. We never use a form letter which demonstrates to the opposing party that this is serious and not just an idle threat. In the letter we:

  • Outline the relevant facts of the matter;
  • State the legal position of our client;
  • Include relevant and accurate legal cases to support the position where required;
  • State any legislation that pertains to the matter;
  • Clearly set out the action or stop of an action demanded;
  • Set out the legal ramification if the person fails to heed the letter; and lastly
  • Confirms that our firm is retained to proceed with civil action to litigate the matter.

The Advantages Of Edmonton Cease And Desist Letter

The primary advantage to having our Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers draft a letter for you is saving time and money. When served with a

letter of this kind, often people realize that serious consequences may stem from their actions or in-actions. If the letter produces the results you want without spending money on a lawyer going to court, you saved weeks or years of time and thousands of dollars in fees. You also save yourself a lot of stress. Since a written demand is a necessary step anyway, it is always best to do it properly and professionally.

Situations Cease & Desist Letters Help With

Why Hire Edmonton Cease And Desist Letter Lawyers? What types of matters do we help with. The answer is a long drawn out one, as people often find new and unusual ways to get themselves into legal trouble. However, we set out below a number of frequent issues that we deal with in Alberta. For example, we help people with:


Defamation includes both slander and libel. These include oral, printed or digital statements, including on-line reviews, that people make about you or your business that are not true. These statements cause a variety of economic and person damages. Our Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers demand that the other party stops the lies immediately.

Breach Of Written Or Oral Contracts

If someone has a contractual obligation to do something or not do something, as the case may be, failure to complete the terms of the contract of leads to damages. The first step to dealing with a breach of a contact is to remind the person of their contractual obligations. This includes, for example, breaches of non-solicitation agreements and non-competition agreements.


Harassment takes shape in many forms. For example, neighbours whom complain non-stop or intrude on your enjoyment of your property, people whom invade your privacy, trespass, or individuals whom stalk you are all included in this category. Another frequent example of harassment involve ex spouses or boyfriends / girlfriends.

Unauthorized Intellectual Property Use

Intellectual property or IP, covers a wide range of legal rights. For example, this includes the use of written words, composed music, source code, trade names or trade marks, photographs, images, drawings, etc. It is very important to properly defend improper use of your intellectual property to protect your rights.

Frequent Problems With Drafting Your Own

People generally draft their own cease & desist letter for one reason. To save money. The issue is that the self drafted letter often just ends up in the garbage. People do not perceive the self drafted letter as a threat. As lawyers, we see many self drafted letters. Many reasons repeatedly give away that the letter is not really a threat. Poor drafting and grammar is just the first sign. Further, these letters often include swearing, long sentences in ALL CAPS, references to non-legal supported rationals, etc.

The bottom line dealing with opposing parties whom draft their own cease and desist letter is that the letter frequently represents an individual whom is not committed enough to their cause to take the step of hiring a lawyer to represent them. We always give our clients who ask about them all their options, however most frequently our clients choose to ignore the letter to see if anything further happens.

Effectiveness Of Cease And Desist Letters In Edmonton

Our Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers find effectiveness to be high in relation to cost savings and securing compliance with your demands. Starting off the demand process with a strongly worded letter often secures the best results. Further, hiring a lawyer to send the letter is a strong demonstration to the opposing party that you are serious in your intentions.

How Much Is A Edmonton Cease And Desist Letter

we understand that no one likes to spend extra money when someone wrongfully causes them damages. Our Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers draft the letters for you on a flat rate basis. This means that you know your total costs before you start. In fact, we offer a choice of packages where your fee includes a variety of other services to support your claim. Email us today and we will provide you with the details of these services and the total cost.

Hiring Edmonton Cease And Desist Letter Lawyers

Get the money owed to you, stop hurtful actions of others or get someone to respect the terms of your agreement with them. Our Edmonton cease and desist letter lawyers provide you with the service you need at at reasonable flat rate. Email often allows us to respond to you quicker with all the details you need to know to make an informed choice. However, we also welcome your phone calls. Please email us at this email today and we get back to you within a business day, often the same day. Lastly, call us in Edmonton and surrounding communities at (780) 571-8463.