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How Family Law Agreements Differ In Alberta

Whether your relationship is new, you currently live with someone or you already married someone, family law agreement lawyers help protect you. Family law agreements are also known as marital law agreements or marriage contracts. The lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Edmonton, Alberta have the expertise to assist you with a wide range of family law agreements and help you understand your rights and obligations. In addition to dealing with rights and responsibilities, marital law agreement terms typically cover property, debts, assets, child access and more. Ultimately, our lawyers draft agreements to better protect your interests.

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Family Law Agreement Services We Offer

Our lawyers understand – and make sure you understand – your rights, obligations and the best solutions to meet your needs. When it comes to establishing family law agreements in Alberta, our lawyers provide the following services:

Family Law Agreement Drafting

No matter the type of matrimonial agreement you need, our lawyers proactively act to make sure you have the proper representation you need. We craft each agreement with precision and care, especially since the terms in a family law agreement are only as binding and effective as the written legal agreement that reflects them. The experienced family law lawyers at Kahane Law Office use the correct language to draft your family law agreement, which ensures the contract is enforceable.

Independent Legal Advice Regarding Family Law Contracts

Under Alberta Law and for many types of family law-related agreements, you need to seek independent legal advice to ensure your agreement is binding. Independent legal advice means a lawyer will explain every detail and term in the agreement you are planning to sign. Your lawyer will make sure you actually understand and agree to the terms. The process is also important because it helps to ensure that no coercion takes place. That both parties freely enter into signing the agreement. Further, that the agreement fairly protects your interests.  This happens since the independent legal advice must occur without the presence of the other party to the contract.

Matrimonial Agreement Review

Whenever anyone asks you to sign an agreement written by another person, we highly encourage you to work with a lawyer, whose job it is to review the terms and ensure you understand them well. Matrimonial-related agreements have the ability to profoundly affect people in relationships, as they carry the power to both give and take away legal rights and obligations. Kahane Law family lawyers make sure your interests receive proper representation within the agreement’s negotiated terms.

Legal Agreement Terms Negotiation

The lawyers at Kahane Law Office can negotiate your family law agreement terms on your behalf. Throughout the process, we ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities. We also know how personal and sensitive these negotiations can be for couples. As much as possible, we negotiate the terms of your agreement rather than create a legal fight. We understand that aggressiveness does not beget positive or effective negotiations. We work with all parties to tone down negative negotiating tactics and keep the process as positive as we can.

Which Family Law Agreement Is Best for You?

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is similar to a cohabitation agreement, discussed below, but for couples who plan to marry. “Prenups”, as people often refer to them as, often are the first type of family law agreement that come to people’s minds. Many of the terms are similar to a cohabitation agreement’s terms and, in many situations, people will use either term to describe the same agreement. Learn more about prenuptial agreements here.

Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation agreements set out the rights, roles and responsibilities of each person living in a relationship before moving in, during life living together and after a relationship, should it come to an end. These agreements are designed for people who plan to live together but not necessarily marry, an arrangement often referred to as “common law”. Having an agreement in place reduces stress and litigation if the relationship ends, since the matters important to both parties were agreed to while the relationship was healthy. In drafting an agreement, both parties decide which specific issues to address and how the terms will be written. Learn about cohabitation agreements here.

Post-nuptial Agreement

A post-nuptial agreement is the right agreement for you, if you marry first and want an agreement after. The agreement will include terms you wish to have in place both during the relationship and after it dissolves. A post-nuptial family law agreement is as binding as a cohabitation agreement. Learn more about post-nuptial agreements here.

Separation Agreement

Lastly, a separation agreement is an agreement that a couple enters into after the relationship breaks down. The contract covers both parties’ legal rights and responsibilities. Sometimes separation agreements are even needed to qualify for a mortgageLearn more about separation agreements here.

Edmonton Family And Matrimonial Law Agreement Lawyers

Family law agreements are important and can have profound, long-term effects. It is important to work with experts who ensure you understand your rights and obligations. Additionally, and more importantly, who help you identify issues before they even arise. The lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Edmonton, Alberta help with all your family law agreement legal needs. Call us now. We can be reached directly at (780) 571-8463 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817.You can also email us directly here.