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Anyone wronged by another knows the frustration in trying to protect themselves. We stand up for our clients with Edmonton litigation lawyers trained to fight for clients in a cost effective manner. Are you going to court and want someone to litigate for you? The litigation lawyers at Kahane Law Office are experienced in different litigation matters to help with your legal needs. If you need an Edmonton litigation lawyer to help you resolve a dispute in court, or any of the alternate dispute mechanisms available, Kahane Law Office has the lawyer for you. For call our civil litigation lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta call us at (780) 571-8463.

What It Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is an area of law that deals with situations where one person or business causes damage to another person or business. Basically,

when someone beaches a contract, physically hurts someone, damages someones property or reputation, takes something from someone that they lacked permission to, etc. Our Edmonton litigation lawyers help you sue the person who hurt you or, if you face a lawsuit, defend your position. It is always better for your lawyer to know the whole story to best act for you. Solicitor and client privilege protects what you say to your lawyer.

Much of the work occurs before court. Many situations resolve with a demand letter (we offer them at a flat rate fee), or cease and desist letter (also at a flat rate fee). Next, we initiate a negotiation to resolve the matter. Lastly, if unsuccessful, the matter moves to litigation. While jumping to litigation remains an option, the first two steps usually save clients time and money.

Litigation Vs. Smart Choices

Our Edmonton litigation lawyers never fight just for the sake of fighting. We prefer a smart strategic approach. While we always respect client choices, we believe it necessary to give our clients a clear, thought out understanding of their legal position right from our first consultation. Where appropriate, we tell clients if a matter makes financial sense to pursue or not. With that information, the move forward with a legal claim, a settlement out of court, or walk away without incurring further expenses.

Civil Litigation Lawyer Services Offered:

Our litigation team in Calgary and Edmonton offer legal resources in a variety of areas. For example, Kahane Law Office our Edmonton litigation lawyers offer services which include:

Levels Of Court We Act In

Between our Calgary and Edmonton offices, the litigation lawyers at Kahane Law Office have appeared at every level of Alberta court from Provincial Court (AKA Small Claims Court) and the Court of Queen’s Bench to the Alberta Court of Appeal, and, lastly, even the Supreme Court of Canada. Lastly, our Calgary and Edmonton litigation lawyers have the experience to help you set out a litigation plan with your legal matter in your budget.

How We Save Your Money On Edmonton Litigation Lawyers

Each situation is different. Each client is different. We take a different approach to the law. Our firm often offers flat rate fees. We also offer a variety of flat rate fee packages for clients to choose from. In addition, we also approach law as a team. Instead of a lawyer hoarding clients, our lawyers work together. We use the most cost effective lawyer for any specific matter. Since we have litigation lawyers in both Calgary and Edmonton, you receive the advantage of the knowledge base, skill set and variety of billing rates of two firms. Not just one!

Alternatives To Litigation

Our Edmonton litigation lawyers also successfully act for clients in other litigation related disputes. These go beyond court proceeding. For example, these alternatives include, mediation, negotiation and arbitration proceedings. There represent an alternative to traditional court based litigation. These methods often offer a significantly less expensive option. Further, they typically proceed much quicker than a tradition court proceedings in Alberta. Lastly, we represent clients in proceedings heard in front of administrative tribunals, and, in particular, in front of professional regulatory body disciplinary bodies. We assist our clients when they need us.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER: Limitation periods exist and apply to your dispute. It is very important to call our Edmonton litigation lawyers as soon as you know you have a claim or as soon as you are served with a claim.

Legal Support From Litigation Lawyers In Edmonton

Call to learn about your rights, obligations and exposure today! Our Edmonton litigation lawyers help you understand your legal position to allow you to make an informed decision. Save time, money and headaches while protecting yourself and / or your business. Call us today at (780) 571-8463, or email us here today.