Edmonton divorce lawyers Picking An Edmonton Divorce Lawyer

Edmonton divorce lawyers help you with your specific family law related challenges. A relationship breakdown brings a flood of difficult emotions, challenges, and a myriad of issues you may not have anticipated having to deal with. Edmonton divorce lawyers are trained to help you with the legal issues you face, and those often help you with the non-legal issues surrounding your divorce.

If you are separating from your partner, but you are not married, please click here to learn about how an Edmonton divorce lawyer can help you.

The family law lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Edmonton (and Calgary) are familiar with both the legal and non-legal issues around a divorce. To get answers to your questions and learn what you need to do next, book an appointment by clicking here, emailing [email protected], or calling 780-571-8463.

Why Kahane Law As Your Edmonton Divorce Lawyers

We are obsessed with providing great service as a firm, and this has not gone unnoticed. We have received third-party recognition, including the Top Choice Award as the Top Family Law Firm in Calgary. Whatever kinds of issues you may be facing as a result of the breakdown of a relationship we can help. We even publish a free guide to preparing for separation, here.

Start With A Consultation

We know that the fear of the unknown creates stress. Book a consultation with our Edmonton divorce lawyers. For a flat rate you know in advance you learn:

  • Your legal position;
  • What to expect;
  • What to do to protect yourself;
  • Things to absolutely avoid to also protect yourself;
  • Your likely outcomes; and lastly
  • The answers to your questions.

Types Of Relationships Divorce Lawyers Deal With

At Kahane Law Office, the Divorce Lawyers help with all kinds of relationship breakdowns and divorces. Whether you are in a traditional marriage, same-sex marriage, or “common-law” relationship we can help you navigate this difficult and uncertain time.

Legal Issues Divorce Lawyers Deal With

Relationship breakdown and divorce brings a number of issues, which can be overwhelming. The Divorce Lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help you with all of them. If you want to get answers to your questions, avoid unnecessary legal fees, and get a plan for what to do next, get in touch with us.

For example, the issues we regularly help with include:

Division of Matrimonial Property During Divorce

Deciding who gets what can often be a very contentious issue, but it doesn’t need to be. Often the posturing that surrounds this issue comes from a fear or lack of understanding of each party’s rights. At Kahane Law Office our Lawyers help you understand what the law says about your particular situation so that you can make informed decisions about how to divide your property.

Division Of Debt During Divorce

Divorce lawyers in Edmonton help you cleanly separate your financial situation, no matter how messy it may be. Debt can form part of the “matrimonial property”, and you need to understand how that works in order to make an informed decision on who takes what. Our family lawyers help you make that decision. This includes reviewing debts that each party brought into the relationship, as well as a comprehensive review of all of the finances of each party. This is a key step in dividing the matrimonial property.

Spousal Support After Divorce

Often one of the parties to a divorce will have an entitlement to spousal support, or alimony. This is always a complex issue and totally dependent on the facts of your situation. Unfortunately, many factors and objectives come into play causing confusion and confrontation. Learn more about spousal support here.

Child Support During Separation And Divorce

Each child of a divorcing couple has a legal right to child support. While child support is paid to one of the parents, it is the child’s right, not the receiving parent’s. Our Divorce Lawyers help parents understand who should pay, and how much that payment should be. We also help parents make adjustments as their financial situation shifts up or down to make sure they continue to follow the legal guidelines.

Edmonton Divorce lawyers helping decide custody/parenting matters

One of the trickiest issues in a relationship breakdown is deciding custody and parenting time each parent has with the children. Custody is the decision-making power for big life decisions, and is normally shared between the parents. Access, or parenting time is the time that the child spends with each parent. Lastly, Kahane Law Office’s Divorce Lawyers help you determine your rights and obligations, and how to best approach this type of negotiation.

Divorce Lawyers Understand The Difficulty Of Divorce

Unfortunately, life does not go on hold just because you are going through a divorce. Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person experiences. However, despite this, society expects you to perform in all other areas of life as if everything were “normal”. Friends, family, co-workers, and your boss all expect the “regular” you. At Kahane Law Office, our Divorce Lawyers understand all of the mental, emotional, and financial challenges that go along with a relationship breakdown. We can help relieve the immense stress you are bearing by answering your questions and preparing a plan for how to move forward. We can help take you from stressed-out uncertainty to resolved stability. The end result will normally include a separation agreement, which you can learn about here.

The Process Divorce Lawyers Help With

The Divorce Lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help you with all legal aspects of your divorce process. Getting our help normally starts with an initial consultation where you get answers to your questions, learn how the law applies to your specific situation, and get an idea of what you will need to do next.

While all of the issues associated with divorce can be resolved outside of court, the actual divorce always starts with a Statement of Claim (an official court document). We can assist with preparing or responding to this document. Divorce Lawyers at Kahane Law Office also help with the following:

  • Getting a separation agreement in place that deals comprehensively with your situation. In order to qualify for refinancing a mortgage, most lenders require this;
  • Dividing property of the marriage;
  • Dealing with claims for spousal support and/or child support; and lastly
  • Assisting with decision-making and parenting matters that are consistent with the best interests of your child.

Where Where Your Edmonton Family Lawyers Files For Divorce

The administration of divorce falls under the provincial authorities jurisdiction, however the actual registration of divorce is a federal responsibility. This ensures that someone cannot start a divorce in more than one province at once. Accordingly, each province has rules about who can file for divorce in that province.

Uncontested Divorces (Desk Divorces)

Where all of the issues associated with divorce have been agreed upon, the process of getting the actual divorce is a simple paperwork exercise, known as a “desk divorce”. No court appearances are required. Instead, the application package is submitted to the court and a judge reviews and signs it at his or her desk – hence “desk divorce”. In an ideal situation, this is the only time that the court engages in your divorce. Avoiding court helps you save a ton of money, stress, and emotional distress.

Getting The Help You Need Form A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is stressful. The Divorce Lawyers at Kahane Law Office relieve that stress. Get the answers, advice, and help you need. Get someone on your team who prepares the plan for how to resolve all of the issues you face. Act now and book an initial consultation with one of our Divorce Lawyers by emailing [email protected], or calling us at (780) 571-8463.