edmonton notary public; edmonton notary services People who normally do not need lawyers, most often find themselves needing notary services. At our Edmonton, Alberta located Kahane Law Office, we offer services such as notary public, commissioner for oaths, and signing agents. Our Edmonton notary public is aware of the urgency surrounding the need of these services. As a result of this, we work to accommodate your schedule when making an appointment. The Alberta Government issues authority for these services, so remember, not everyone is able to assist you. To book an appointment or get more information please call our main reception at (780) 571-8463

Our Signing Agents In Edmonton

Clients who are unable to travel, or prefer not to, when completing transactions in foreign jurisdictions may execute (sign) any documents

involved in the transaction at our Edmonton office. We courier all paperwork to the province or country you require once we have verified, we have collected proper identification. The Edmonton notary offers same day appointments where needed. Each of our lawyers is a notary public, allowing for our clients to have more flexibility when booking. This is beneficial as when they meet with you, most foreign jurisdictions recognize the notary seal as one with assurance. For assistance with out of city, province, or country required signings, book with one of our signing agents.

Edmonton Notary Vs. Commissioner Vs. Lawyer

The difference between notary, lawyer and commissioner for oaths can be confusing to understand. All lawyers and students-at-law in Alberta legally have standing as notaries.  The law only gives the authority to complete certificates of independent legal advice or to facilitate a personal guarantee to a lawyer. Someone, only registered as an Edmonton notary, lacks the required standing in Alberta to execute those documents. An individual with only the tasks allowed for notaries obtain a notary certification. They may not practice law or exchange legal advice. A commissioner is authorized less authority than notaries. They are unable to perform all the same tasks as a notary.

Edmonton Notary Public

Our Edmonton team is able to act as a Notary Public to have clients swear affidavits or statutory declarations on documents that are brought into the office. When necessary, we are also able to draft documents for you that require notarizing. Where needed, we offer same day appointments. A notary public can notarize documents for paperwork required in any country. However, our Edmonton office is unable to give legal advice or direction correlating to documents appointed outside Alberta. While a notary public can notarize personal guarantees, if you do require a personal guarantee this appointment requires more time than just a notary. Expect those appointments to take more time and cost a little more.

Our Edmonton Commissioner For Oaths

Not everyone needs an Edmonton notary public. Our Team at Kahane Law Office consists of over fifteen highly trained commissioner for oaths. This ensures we are able to best meet clients need. We can act as a Commissioner for Oaths to have you swear affidavits or statutory declarations on documents that are brought into the office, or when necessary, drafted for you. Our Edmonton office offers same day appointments to best suit your schedule. Feel free to drop in, or avoid waiting for Please note that when we act solely as a notary public, commissioner for oaths or signing agent, we are unable to give legal advice or direction. These are considered to be additional services outside the scope of these included services. Accordingly, expect additional fees when we provide these legal services.

Certified True Copies

People often need to send official copies of documents to foreign, or even domestic, schools, governments and institutions. If you need a notarized document our Edmonton team at Kahane Law Office is able to help. A notarized document is also commonly referred to as a certified true copy of a document. Completing this process allows another party to acknowledge that a certified copy represents a true reflection of the original document.

Finding A Edmonton Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths Or Signing Agent

Our team at Kahane Law Office are happy to assist you with finding a notary or commissioner. We offer our services by appointment, walk in, or while-you-wait. To best help you, we will require information such as the nature of your agreement as our lawyers specialize in a wide range of law services. In addition, to further assist you we offer the services listed with Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, and French lawyers. To book with one of our soecialists please call our toll-free number at 1-877-225-8817, Calgary office at 403-225-8810, Edmonton office at (780) 571-8463, or email us directly here.