You Want The Best Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer For You

Edmonton Real estate lawyers

Every person, every lawyer and every law firm is different. We believe that you deserve the best service as possible from our Edmonton real estate lawyers.  Our focus is giving you quick and effective results. Buying or selling a home includes some stress, even if it very exciting at the same time. Even regular transactions such as a mortgage refinance may be stressful.  Often, as far as financial investments go, homes represent one of the largest one that most people enter into. Our team of experienced lawyers and paralegals include Edmonton real estate lawyers. we provide service, advice and direction when you need it. Kahane Law Office in Edmonton, helps with all real estate related matters.

Want The Top Real Estate Law Firm?

In 2020, Kahane Law Office expanded to provide real estate services in the Edmonton area. Our office is located in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood, just off Whyte Ave and Gateway. Do not take our word for our level of service. Kahane Law has third party recognition for its level of service. This recognition includes the recognition as the Top Real Estate Law Firm In Calgary for seven consecutive years, including this 2020. Edmonton area real estate agents asked us to offer Edmonton real estate lawyers services in Edmonton.

How To Select Edmonton Real Estate Lawyers

Picking any professional comes with its own set of challenges. Obvious characteristics hold true in all circumstances. For example, this includes trust, ability and availability. In addition, some key elements are industry specific. For Edmonton real estate lawyers, the following factors help predict a less stressful experience:

Real Estate Focused Lawyers

In any profession, a person who lacks focus in their practice is often less effective than someone who deals with those matters day in and day out. Always pick Edmonton real estate lawyers who focus on this area of law. With experience in a greater number of situations, they know what to do in a variety of situations where things fail to go as planned. Kahane Law Office started its practice as a real estate law boutique. Its owner and founder still practices real estate law as a passion! While Jeff is located in Calgary, he only hires lawyers who care. Our Edmonton clients literally get the benefit of two law firms working for them.

Trust And Fit

Not all personalities work together well. As a firm, we remain focused on taking our work seriously. We do not take ourselves seriously. All our lawyers love what they do and enjoy the practice of law. Most of our clients appreciate this approach. We value this fit. trust is also a very key aspect. From an Alberta Law Society perspective we cannot act for a client who we think does not trust in our ability. We take that much further in that we see trust as a main draw to using our firm.

Flat Rate Legal Fees Real Estate Transactions

Most people prefer to know what any good or service costs before committing. Our belief consistently includes a focus on transparency and certainty. We publish our flat rate fees for our Edmonton real estate lawyers publicly. We further believe that all Edmonton real estate lawyers should be knowledgeable enough to give you a fixed rate. That their understanding of the law is such that they know the costs associated with completing their transactions. Here is the link flat rate fees for all the details however, we love hearing from people. Also feel free to call or email for a quote for your specific transaction. Make sure any quote you get includes all regular disbursements including, for example, land title fees, couriers, costs of registering any mortgage, searches, etc.

Who Our Edmonton Real Estate Lawyers Represent

Our law firm represents a very broad range of clients when it comes to the legal side of real estate transactions. For example, we represent:

  • Lenders;
  • Borrowers;
  • Tenants;
  • Landlords;
  • Condominium owners;
  • Land developers;
  • Condo Corporations;
  • Builders (large and small);
  • Contractors;
  • Property managers; and lastly
  • Condominium developers.

When To Call Our Edmonton Real Estate Lawyers

With offices in both Calgary and Edmonton, our firm is a full service firm, with the heart of a small boutique.  Call if you plan to buy, sell or refinance. Please never hesitate to fire us off a quick email with your legal questions. Our real estate lawyers know real estate law. We focus on all related matters including, for example:

Being a truly full service law office, we have the help you need when you need it. sometimes, real estate purchases or sales end up differently than expected. Our Edmonton real estate lawyers have access to a full firm of lawyers. These includes , litigation lawyers, immigration lawyers, corporate lawyers, wills, estates & probate lawyers and an entire family law group. This ensures the legal information and services when you need it. We frequently provide legal information between our law groups at not extra cost to our client. With Kahane Law Office, you have an entire firm working for you. 

Need Commercial Real Estate Help?

Kahane Law Office also helps clients with other real estate related needs. These include: buying and selling properties, real estate development, leasing and financing related work for commercial properties. Need Edmonton real estate lawyers for commercial work? Lastly, our lawyers work out of both Edmonton and Calgary offices for your convenience. In Edmonton and surrounding area please reach us at (780) 571-8463 or email us here directly.