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Expecting paperwork from another city, province or even another country? Do you require help signing them? If you require a signing agent in Edmonton, Kahane Law Office is happy to help. Our Edmonton Office is conveniently located, providing fast and simple signing services. Our Edmonton Law office has lawyers to assist with these appointments on the same day or next day, when needed.

Reasons To Use An Edmonton  Signing Agent

People use the services of signing agents regularly. The most common reason for requiring a signing agent occurs when a document requires official

execution in the presence of someone with official capacity. For example, an official role includes a Commissioner for Oaths and a Notary Public. Other times people simply require a witness whom verifies their identity. A signing agent’s primary purpose is to attest to the identity of individuals, take an oath (or declaration) or to witness. Some frequent examples include:

  • Governmental forms;
  • Purchase of a businesses;
  • Sale of a businesses;
  • Loans or financing;
  • Litigation matters;
  • Probate documents;
  • Selling, refinancing real estate, or buying;
  • Insurance claims; and lastly
  • Probating estates.

Assisting With Transactions Around The World

Since lawyer regulations occurs on a provincial level, lawyers lack any legal authority to give legal advice outside of the jurisdiction in which they practice. We refer to this as where they are called to the bar. Translated copies of documents may or may not be required when signing documents in another language. Our Edmonton signing agents assist in those seeking to sign these documents. Please note that documents must include a stamp to note that the agent gave no legal advice whatsoever. They simply provided a service for notarizing, witnessing, or commissioning. This differs when compared to the authentication described through the Canadian Government.

An Agent For Documents Coming From Other Provinces

Our most popular signing agent service we provide is the agency work for out of province. Transactions, paperwork, or situations needed in another province within Canada are involved. Our Edmonton signing agents are required if the individual required to sign the paperwork does not want, or is unable to travel, to the other province. Out of province signing agents allows for individuals to sign required documents in their home province. This is exemplified by an individual whom buys or sells real estate in another province which is not the one they currently live in. The lawyer practicing in the province where the property is located prepares the necessary documents. Once this is complete, they then send them to be signed in a convenient location for the buyer or seller, allowing for no travel to sign paperwork.

Edmonton Signing Agents For In Province Representation

Transactions taking place throughout Alberta is a frequent occurrence. Many individuals request a signing agent within the province in order to avoid travel to another city. These situations arise in examples such as someone purchasing a house in Medicine Hat but who lives and is physically present in Edmonton. The person then uses a Edmonton Signing agent who signs the paperwork with them. The actual paperwork often comes from a lawyer who drafted it in Medicine Hat. This alleviates the requirements to travel to the Medicine Hat. In Alberta, the Law Society Of Alberta allows all Alberta lawyers to act and give legal advice inside of the province.

Limitations On Edmonton Signing Agents

Within Canada, each province or territory regulates their own commissioners, notaries and lawyers. Edmonton signing agents are prohibited from providing legal advice outside of their place of work. The meaning of this is that a lawyer in one province is unable to give advice concerning legal matters that lays outside of their province they operate in. some lawyers are admitted to the bar throughout multiple provinces, this is the only exemption to the rule.

Limits placed upon signing agents do not stop with the rule above. When a lawyer assists in executing paperwork drafted by another individual, legal advice and direction is only allowed to be given out when the layer is allowed to do so. This is still in place when working within the same jurisdiction. An service such as this involves retaining them for an additional service to that of a signing agent. Lawyers meeting to sign documents are not at liberty to give out independent legal advice.

Fee For An Edmonton Signing Agent

The fees in regards to any legal matters tend to vary depending on the amount of documents which need execution. This often reflects the time needed to complete the paperwork. This is no different for Edmonton signing agents. An example of this includes multiple documents. The cost of executing 3 documents versus 50 documents is less per document. In most situations, the total fees for notarizing  one documents is typically around $50. The fee for subsequent notarizing subsequent documents in the same visit is less. The cost to complete paperwork for a transaction, which includes a notary but also additional paperwork, the cost may be higher. On average they can range anywhere from $225-375.

We also remind clients that to ask if the paperwork requires faxing or emailing to another lawyer. Further, additional fees exist if you require the Edmonton signing agent to courier the documents somewhere. Typically the client then pays only the exact fee for that service. Alternatively, clients sometimes arrange for delivery of the paperwork on their own.

Scheduling A Signing With Our Edmonton Signing Agents

When making an appointment with signing agents, we suggest coming in for your appointment when there are multiple documents for execution. Please inform us if you require a notary commissioner for oaths, or a witness. Sometimes, it is easiest to describe the document you have to us. We then help determine the exact service required for you.

At Kahane Law Office, we believe in proving our services when you need it.We provide assistance through a while you wait type meeting,  pre-set appointments, or lastly, drop in service. If you pop into the office for this help, you may need to wait 10 minutes or so for someone to free up to help you. The fastest and easiest way to book is by email, however feel free to book a signing agent in Edmonton call  (780) 571-8463, toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.