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Other Services Offered In Edmonton

We offer a wide array of services at Kahane Law Office in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to our regular services, we offer other legal services to satisfy your needs. If unsure about the specific service needed, please call. We help you determine, often at no cost, as to which of these other legal services you need. For example, Kahane Law is pleased to offer the following additional legal services:

Act as a Notary Public

If you need to swear affidavits or statutory declarations on documents, bring them to our office so we can act as your notary public. And if you need to have the documents themselves prepared, we also offer a drafting service. Please note: we aren’t able to give legal advice about foreign jurisdictions but frequently draft these kinds of documents for use in Alberta. If you’re in a hurry, we can offer same-day appointments. Read more about our notary services.

Act as a Commissioner for Oaths

When you need to swear affidavits or statutory declarations on documents, bring them to our office so we can act as your Commissioner for Oaths. In most cases, a lawyer in another city prepares the document. Other times, a bank or financial institution prepares the documents. But if you need a document prepared, we can draft it for you. We can offer same-day appointments for Commissioner of Oaths services but you can also stop by our office in Edmonton without an appointment.

Give Independent Legal Advice

Some businesses may require you to meet with a lawyer to ensure you understand the responsibilities, obligations and rights – or the loss of the above – you are taking on in an agreement. This requirement is known as independent legal advice (ILA). Understanding your rights necessary to protect yourself and to confirm you’ve met with a lawyer to learn about your rights and obligations in a particular situation or specific contract. Getting ILA means you cannot claim later that you were not aware of what you were signing. Read more about our ILA services.

Notarize Child Travel Letters

If you’re a parent who’s considering traveling outside of the country with your child(ren) and without your spouse (without regard to your legal marital status), you should have a Child Travel Letter signed and notarized to avoid delays and problems at border crossings, be it at Canadian or foreign borders. A Child Travel Letter also allows you to make emergency medical decisions while traveling with the child(ren), if the need arises. Don’t get delayed, miss a flight or be detained. Let us help you with a Child Travel Letter today. We offer same-day appointments, if you’re in a rush. Read more about Child travel letters.

Certify Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN)

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a number used when someone, other than an American taxpayer, needs to file tax-related documents in the U.S. If you’re a Canadian who needs to file a U.S. tax return or are subject to a U.S. withholding tax, you need an ITIN if you’re not eligible for a U.S. Social Security Number.

Kahane Law lawyers are authorized as Certifying Acceptance Agents by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide Certifying Acceptance Agent services on behalf of our Canadian clients. We provide this service to facilitate the application process leading to the IRS issuance of ITINs. We can also complete and submit Form W7 on our clients’ behalf, and we can complete ITIN renewals.

PLEASE NOTE: Except under special appointment, we only offer these services out of our south office.

Provide Signing Agent Services

Our signing agent services are often in demand for real estate, probate and immigration-related matters involving other jurisdictions. If you’re transacting in foreign jurisdictions and can’t, or don’t want to, attend in that jurisdiction, you may sign (execute) any documents for that transaction at our office. We will certify that we’ve collected the proper identification and can courier all paperwork to the required province or country. Learn more about our signing agent services for out-of-city, province and country signings. We are pleased to offer same-day appointments.

Edmonton Commissioner For Oaths Testing

If you wish to become a commissioner for oaths, then you require a test. We offer these tests and signing of the documents required in the Province of Alberta. Here is more information regarding the commissioner for oaths testing process.

Provide Identification Verification Legal Services

People need identification verification for many reasons but it’s usually used to verify your ID for professional standards exams, including for doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and dentists. If you’re unsure of your needs, please call us and we’ll see what we can do to help. Learn more about our ID verification process services.

Certify True Copy Of Documents

We are pleased to notarize documents or make a certified true copy, sometimes referred to as document verification or certification. People most often need this service for documents related to education, employment or identity verification requirement. Please make an appointment or feel free to drop in for same-day service. Read about certified true copies here.

Provide Other Legal Services In Edmonton

If you’re not sure of the type of legal service you need, we’re happy to clarify for you. We’ll offer the right solutions, so please call us anytime to give us an overview of your situation. We’ll help determine the best service to meet your needs. Please also visit our YouTube channel to view more about our legal services and issues we can assist you with.

Hire Kahane Law Office For Your Legal Services

Kahane Law is a full-service law firm, meaning we can assist you with everything listed above and many more legal services. For the quickest reply, please email us for an appointment or to tell us a bit about your situation. All we need is a brief description of your situation and/or the legal services you need. Please email us at this email address. We’ll get back to you with detailed information.

Feel free to call us directly in Edmonton, Alberta at (780) 571-8463. We love helping people and look forward to hearing from you.