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Our wills and estates team includes Edmonton wills lawyers. We know, as Edmonton wills lawyers that the challenges for planning for the future, impact each individual differently. This is why we treat each client as a individual with unique needs. The Kahane Law Office wills and estates lawyers work with you to ensure that you meet all your estate planning needs. Most important to note, anyone who passes without a will in place, loses the ability to determine who inherits their estate. In this case, Alberta law sets that out. Connect today with our Edmonton law office. We step you through the whole process to ensure we accurately reflect your last wishes. We know how important this is. Therefore, we regularly help clients in the hospital or a long term care facility.

Steps For Edmonton Wills Lawyers

We assist clients with all aspects of drafting wills or even making changes to a will. Some clients wish that we review their will. The review allows for peace of mind that their existing will addresses their needs and addresses all the required legal aspects needed. Our first step, for drafting wills, involves using a worksheet. This step is key as it allows our clients to start the process of thinking of all the possible future scenarios. Clients often work through these worksheet on their own. However, our Edmonton wills lawyers also work though the process with clients. This service is included in our flat rate fees.

The other reason for this worksheet’s importance, is that it allows for clear communication of your wishes. We provide in person meetings, phone calls, video conferencing, or emails to address any and all problems, concerns or uncertainties. We know how important wills are at any stage of life. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our wills lawyers if you need further clarity. Home or house call visits are available.

If your parents need a little encouragement with respect to their wills, we want to help. Proper estate planning is good for a testator but even better for those left to administer an estate. Here is some information on encouraging your parents to set up their will and a proper estate plan.

The Things That Wills Decide

The issue with a one size fits all approach to wills, is that they miss addressing an individuals exact needs or concerns. Wills set out your

decision on a variety of matters. Our Edmonton wills lawyers walk you though your choices. We also discuss your concerns and determine the best way to address them. For these reasons, no two wills look the same. The only legal mechanism to ensure your estate plan wishes are met, is through a properly drafted will. For example, a few of the matters that your will sets out include:

Who Gets Your Estate

Family dynamics vary greatly. Some family’s have simple estates. Others include complicated assets. Further, relationships can be complicated. Some parents wish to ensure that a potential beneficiary, such as a child, does not benefit from their estate. At times this occurs due to a relationship breakdown. Other times, the testator makes the decision due to a significant advancement of funds to that child during their lifetime. In any situation, the exact language in the will matters. Our Edmonton wills lawyers help you make these decisions and work to avoid the potential pitfalls that often come up from these choices.

Trusts For Minors, Spouses And Other Beneficiaries

We suggest setting up trusts for certain beneficiaries. We do not charge additional fees for setting up these trusts. For example, we suggest trust provisions for

The trust allows for them to receive their inheritance but only in a way that allows for the proper management of the estate assets. Our testamentary trust lawyers draft these clauses in a way that meets your and your family’s needs. In all situations, assets and funds in your estate are allowed to pay for schooling and the day to day living expenses of your beneficiaries. A gradual distribution of your estate protects both the estate and your dependents. Many options exist to assist with the proper management of your estate.

Who Acts As Guardians To Your Children

Clearly, most often the surviving parent most often continues to raise children of a deceased individual. All will still need to address the issue of guardianship. If the other parent lacks the ability to parent or is no longer living, picking who raises your children is very important. Most people pick a close family member. Other people decide on a trusted friend. Our Edmonton wills lawyers help you consider the important factors. If you have or plan to have children, we invite you to learn about the importance of these clauses in your will.

Administering Your Estate

This person decides how to manage your assets after your death, ensure your beneficiaries receive what you want them to, run your business for your estate, invest your estates assets for the benefit of your beneficiaries and wind up your estate including the filing of your final tax return. This person is the executor or executrix but is now titled the personal representative. A key factor in selecting this person includes ensuring that you trust them.

Making Changes To A Will

Sometimes, a more effective approach to estate planning is to only make a change to your will. Very specific laws surround making changes to wills. Our Edmonton wills lawyers help. A codicil is the document required to change an existing will. Do to the technical nature of codicils and to avoid invalidating any aspect of your will, we suggest that a professional completes these changes. If more cost effective, we let you know of options to redraft your will, instead of making significant changes.

Additional Wills & Estates Information

Lastly, the easiest way to get the information you need is to reach out to us. We even have a wills video for people who want the short basics on estates. A frequent question for us is about holographic wills and the problems associated with them. Most of the time, we charge no extra fees for addressing these concerns and pointing people in the right direction.

Connect With Edmonton Wills Lawyers Today

If you want a one on one approach to ensure your will accurately reflects your last wishes, call or email us today. The Edmonton wills lawyers at Kahane Law Office help you to decide what step works best for your unique situation. Even if you are unsure if you need a will, we help you through that process at no charge. The fastest way for us to connect with you is by emailing us directly here. Want to speak to a live person. Call us at (780) 571-8463.