Understanding Canadian Copyright Law

copyright law

Our Edmonton copyright lawyers at Kahane Law Office (Edmonton) help individuals understand their rights all across Canada. As copyright law is often a misinterpreted part of intellectual property, we help protect individuals and all they have created. The good news is that copy right exists under common law. This means the law often protects people even if they take no steps to protect themselves. Keep reading to learn more about copyright.

What Is Copyright Law In Canada?

Copyright contains a set of laws which endures individuals and what they create receives legal protection. In order to fall under laws that protect your original work, copyright requires an element of original expression. Copyright lawyers throughout Canada use copyright law which occurs through the common law and the Copyright Act in Canada alike.

What Types Of Work Do Copyright Lawyers Protect?

Copyright covers a broad range of original works. Below are examples of different types of work which receive protection under Canadian copyright law. For example, copyright protects any of the following original expression:

Artistic Renderings Copyright Protection

Lastly, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculpted art, and other forms of visual art are included in the copyright protection of artistic renderings. Performances not documented through writing or recording are also protected through Canadian copyright laws.

Computer Software Copyright Protection

Original computer programs are protected under copyright no matter what computing language they are created in. computer software programs function through the use of written code. Source codes and websites are both protected if original expression. To find more information on how to protect yourself, contact one of our copyright lawyers today.

Music and Musical Works Copyright Protection

Protection of music and musical work covers all sounds as well as words sung. All sheet music, recorded music, or lyrics also receive protection under Canadian copyright laws.

Written Works Copyright Protection

This type of copyright protection includes plays, short stories, descriptive paragraphs, movie scripts, and books. Regardless of the language a writer uses, any writing or words of original expression receive protection under the law. Our Edmonton copyright lawyers often receive calls on these types of violations.

Architectural Drawings Copyright Protection

Lastly, copyright laws in Canada protect drawings as original work. The laws protect a wide range of work, consisting of blueprints architectural drawings, renderings and designs. Our lawyers at the Edmonton office are able to help protect your work across Canada, covering hand drawn as well as computer generated pieces.

How You Obtain Copyright Protection Under Canadian Law

When someone creates an original piece of work, copyright automatically vests on the work. The main source of concern and issue come from validating the work is original. To ensure further protection against copyright infringement, our team of lawyers are able to register your original expression.

Copyright Lawyers For Litigation In Edmonton, Alberta

Our Edmonton copyright litigation team is happy to assist you if someone has stolen your copyright intellectual property. Most often a cease and desist letter works to stop further use. However, if someone profited by using your work or if you are at a financial loss, we represent you to secure your interest.

Why Should You Register Your Copyright Interest

Registering work which has been copyrighted makes the task of defending against a copyright infringement easier. Many people register their own protection, whole others use an Edmonton copyright lawyer. Several benefits exist through registration. for example, registration:

  • Makes it easier to provide proof that copyright exists in a piece of work;
  • Confirms when copyright rights started to fight against those works produced later; and lastly
  • Allows for criminal prosecution of those who are copyright violators.

Edmonton Copyright Lawyers

Our Edmonton copyright lawyers at Kahane Law Office are here to help with your copyright issues. We assist with everything from initial information concerning copyright and legal opinion to copyright litigation. Cease and desist letter services are available at a low flat rate fee if an individual has used your content without your consent. To talk to one of our lawyers, call our Edmonton office at (780) 571-8463, toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.